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Solutions for the garden
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Garden sun shading solutions

Lamaxa for your garden

Entertaining guests outdoors while remaining protected from above is no problem with the Lamaxa slat roof. The slats can either be tilted, completely retracted or extended by remote control, depending on the time of day and year. This provides you with a new favourite spot in your garden all year round, where you are protected from sun and rain, perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

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Sun sails in the garden

Sun sails exude lightness and elegance, almost as if they were floating in mid-air. They can be used as a free-standing installation and are an incredibly versatile solution for your garden. The models range from fixed to movable, and can be permanently installed or temporarily set up and taken down again. The colour and shape can be customised to fit your individual needs.

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Parasols in the garden

Re-experience your favourite spots. Parasols are an eye-catching sun shading system, not just on your balcony or patio, but also in your garden. Available with a central pole and a span of up to 7 metres, or as an overhanging parasol with a side pole and plenty of space directly under the parasol - the perfect companion for your time in the garden.

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Daylight management for your garden

This video will show you which sun shading product is the best fit for your garden, which shading options are available and how you can control them.