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Sun shading for balconies
A balcony getaway

Sun shading solutions for your balcony

Patio awnings for your balcony

Awnings are the ideal shading system for balconies. Both cassette and articulated arm awnings are extremely easy to extend, providing a shaded spot for coffee and cake, or for reading. They're also wonderful for enjoying a glass of wine in the evening.

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Pergola awnings for your balcony

Treat yourself to a relaxing break from everyday life whenever you set foot on your balcony. It's easier than you think. After all, with a balcony awning from WAREMA, you can very quickly turn your balcony into your favourite holiday resort and a true oasis of tranquility - whenever you like.

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Balcony sun sails

Sonea sun sails come in an impressive range of shapes, countless colours and various attachment options. They also guarantee perfect shading for every situation, including for your balcony. So you can stay outside for as long as you like.

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Patio side screens for your balcony

Sometimes the wind can blow quite strongly outside. Patio side screens ensure that you can still sit out on your balcony and stay protected. They don't just keep cold winds at bay, but also your neighbours' prying eyes, so you can entertain guests or simply read in peace outside.

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Parasols for your balcony

CARAVITA, a subsidiary of WAREMA, offers the right parasol for every occasion. Overhanging parasols are particularly suited to balconies, as the pole is not directly under the parasol. This leaves room for a table, chairs and plants.

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Insect screens for your balcony

Insect screen solutions can be seamlessly integrated into windows, patio doors or sun shading systems, and reliably keep annoying pests like mosquitoes and wasps, as well as pollen and fine dust outside. Ideal for balconies, as we all like to use our balcony doors for ventilation too.

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Outdoor Living
Daylight management on your balcony

Which sun shading product best suits your balcony? Learn more about Outdoor Living solutions from WAREMA in this video.