Patios offer countless possibilities, whether barbecuing with the neighbours, reading in peace or practising yoga as the sun goes down. To make the most of this space and ensure it can be used throughout the year, developers invest in high-quality sun shading and weather protection as a patio enclosure. With WAREMA patio roofs, the patio becomes permanently homely and versatile.

High-qrade patio covers are essential to protect your patio from the elements during the summer heat. High wind stability is an important factor, as it protects the sun shading system from damage. It also ensures that the shading on the patio can be used even on hot and windy days. After all, nobody wants to have to retract their sun shading system on an extremely hot day of 30 degrees just because of a sudden gust of wind. WAREMA offers patio covers which ensure long-lasting functionality of the patio shading while providing a feeling of comfort when it rains or storms. But not all patio roofs are the same. On this page we will show you which WAREMA patio covers can improve weather resistance and comfort. No matter which patio shading you choose, with WAREMA you will receive a customised solution.

Discover the variety and beauty of Lamaxa slat roofs. This patio roof is more than just a sunshade and can also be planned as a freestanding structure. It is an extension of the living space and an integral part of the overall architectural concept. The perfect solution for anyone who wants a weatherproof terrace with a roof.

An attractive and weatherproof option for patio and garden is the smart Lamaxa slat roof. Vertical awnings or sliding elements offer protection from wind and cold, while the slats reliably drain away water when it rains.

Patio shading products from WAREMA offer you a unique variety of shapes, functions and colours. This makes your patio shading product a very personal style element that gives your patio that certain something and makes the free time you spend outdoors magical.

Do you expect your sun shading system to provide not just a cosy shaded area, but also to place great importance on attractive design? Then discover the high-grade pergola awnings Perea from WAREMA. They impress with their harmonious styling and thus add unique highlights to any patio. At the same time, the stable construction ensures optimum sun shading and weather protection at all times – even in stormy weather.

Want to enjoy more time outdoors without compromising on a perfect sun shading system? With the help of our innovative awning solutions, you can create an entirely new living space on your own patio for working, relaxing or playing. You can find high-grade Terrea patio awnings for every installation situation and taste in our current programme.

Do you want to be able to spend the whole year relaxing in your conservatory and enjoying the view of nature? With Climara conservatory awnings you can feel good all the time, while being, when necessary, perfectly protected from the sun. Depending on your requirements, we offer optimal sun shading, visual privacy and glare control – whether for classic conservatories, individual architectural solutions with large glass surfaces or patio roofs.

Warema's Sonea sun sails exude lightness and elegance, almost seeming to float. They provide shade without being restrictive and create a feeling of comfort and tranquillity. Sun sails can be free-standing or installed on a house wall. Fixed and movable variants are available, from fixed installation to variable mounting and dismounting, and manual or electrical operation. Colours and shapes can also be selected as required.

Now you can find the right sun protection for your terrace online in a playful way. Plan the enclosure for your patio now with our configurator. Whether you are looking for an aluminium patio roof, a free-standing patio roof or for patio roof accessories - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here!

As we've shown, the selection of patio covers we offer is extremely diverse and features a variety of impressive characteristics. To make things a little clearer, we've compiled a list of the strengths and weaknesses of our individual cover options for you here.



Slat roof

Sun sail

Sun shading system

Very good

Very good

Very good

Rain and snow protection

Only suitable for light rain and snowfall

Very good

Only suitable for light rain and snowfall


Extendible and retractable

Permanently installed, slats can be opened or closed

Extendible and retractable

To make sure that all your needs are fully covered under your Lamaxa slat roof, you have the option of equipping it with an outdoor power socket, which includes a weatherproof hinged cover. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen, electric grill or audio system – you'll never be without power.

With the Multicube gabion, you can stabilise the poles of your pergola awning Perea, for example, without a concrete foundation. You can choose any filling and colour for the steel basket. With the wood covering, you also gain practical seating options. Take advantage of this elegant and safe installation option for your Perea.

The integrated LED lighting for WAREMA patio shading products can be individually regulated thanks to the WMS dimmer. From bright light to atmospheric ambience lighting, all lighting variations for cosy summer evenings are possible.

For when you want to use your patio in the evening when the temperature drops: the Design radiant heater (2200 watts) with tinted glass ceramic allows you to enjoy longer evenings under your patio shading.

Patio shading products from WAREMA are indispensable companions if you and your family would prefer to spend the summer outside. Because these days, protection from UV rays is playing an ever greater role. With an effective patio shading product, you make your patio a safe and pleasantly cool favourite place - regardless of whether you are throwing a children's birthday party at home, want to eat breakfast outside or are inviting friends around for an afternoon barbecue. Our patio shading products always give you the good feeling that you have done everything you can for the well-being of your loved ones. And furthermore, WAREMA patio shading products create a unique feel-good atmosphere - both with their design and their functionality.

The smart Lamaxa slat roof is an attractive and weather-proof option for patios and gardens. Vertical awnings or sash frames offer protection against wind and cold weather and the slats feature reliable rainwater drainage. The permissible snow load (when fully functional) is 50 kilograms per square metre for all sizes and variants, allowing the space beneath the slat roof to be used even in winter.

The pergola awning Perea with patented WAREMA secudrive® system for automated control has an integrated WMS sensor system. The wind sensor records all forces acting on the awning. When the defined limit value is exceeded, the awning is retracted to protect against storm damage. In addition to wind data, the sensor system also measures brightness and precipitation.

The attractive Perea pergola awnings from WAREMA, functioning as a roof over your outdoor space, make patios both comfortable and versatile. All elements can be easily controlled via Warema Mobile System (WMS) radio remote control.

The P40 Perea pergola awning has a slender appearance, is highly functional and features a smart operating system. Thanks to its solid construction, it provides reliable sun shading and weather protection even in stormy weather, making it suitable for larger surfaces exposed to stronger winds. This is ensured by the tight guidance of the fabric via secudrive® technology, which also prevents unwanted lateral light gaps. A range of straight and curved guide rails are available for customised designs that blend in with the architecture.

The P60 Perea pergola awning is a good choice for people who don't want to leave their patio and retract the awning every time they get a few drops of rain. It shades surfaces of up to 30 square metres and easily withstands even strong wind and rain. Its rainproof fabric features a PVC grid that drains the water into the integrated drainage gutter, controlling water flow. WAREMA's patented secudrive® system provides optimal fabric tension throughout. When retracted, the fabric completely disappears into the compact cover panel to protect it from soiling.

The P70 Perea pergola awning also has a weatherproof fabric that can be extended and retracted via a back-pull principle with a toothed belt. Travelling reinforcement profiles provide additional fabric tension; the unique folding technique means that the fabric creates a cloud illusion when partially extended. This is characteristic of the Perea P70 design. When retracted completely, the folded fabric is reliably protected by a rain hood. The awning can provide shade and rain protection for up to six by six metres.

High-grade sun shading products are essential to protect your patio from the summer heat. WAREMA's Terrea patio awnings are also furnished with integrated wind sensors, which retract the awning automatically when the wind picks up, protecting your patio shading from storm damage. With the right inclination and fabric selection, your patio awning can also withstand light rain.

Is design particularly important to you? A sun sail can also be used as shading on your patio. Sun sails as patio covers effectively protect you not only from high solar radiation, creating a pleasant atmosphere on your patio - the patio shading also protects you from light wind. The best bit: with the convenient height adjustment, you can set the WAREMA sun sail depending on the position of the sun for optimal shading or for wind protection on your patio. And in the event of a storm or adverse weather conditions, your WAREMA sun sail is simply retracted by a motor. It could not be easier.

Rain, sun, wind – every type of weather affects sun shading differently, For its patio covers, that's why WAREMA relies on weather-proof fabrics and materials to ensure product longevity. The fabrics used for patio awnings are thus extremely robust and offer effective protection against UV radiation while also keeping out light rain. The rainproof fabric used for the weather-resistant P60 and P70 Perea pergola awnings features a PVC grid that directs water into the integrated drainage gutter, controlling water flow. Product longevity is also boosted by powder-coated aluminium parts such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes.

Automated patio covers are well-protected against the elements and boost home safety. With the smart WMS WebControl pro, sun shading products can be operated from anywhere in the world via an app. Whether in the office, the car or on holiday, and no matter the weather, users can control the system at the touch of a button – if a storm is brewing, for example, they can lower the roller shutters or check whether the patio awning is retracted. The app displays the product’s status so that the user always knows whether it is retracted or extended. The radio remote control works completely independently via a sensor that gathers weather data such as wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, temperature and precipitation and enables the sun shading products to be controlled automatically.

Awnings used for patio shading help to protect the skin against UV radiation. But not every awning provides the same type of shading when used as a patio cover. The quality of shading is different to that of a patio roof and greatly depends on the fabric and its colour. An awning’s sun protection factor is measured in UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). This is comparable to the sun protection factor of sun screens and specifies how much longer a person can safely spend in the sun depending on their skin type. Awnings with different UPF values are recommended for different skin types. If you want to spend your summer relaxing on your patio or balcony without a care in the world, then choose the right awning as patio shading to make your outdoor space your own. For a pleasant atmosphere and reliable UV protection.

Here we've collected – and answered – a number of common questions about patio covers.

Each patio is different: they vary in shape and size, as well as in the requirements and customer's wishes for their patio cover. That's why WAREMA offers different patio covers for every use and everyone's taste. Our awnings, sun sails and slat roofs are custom-made for your home and can even be individualised with additional equipment options. Our specialist dealers will be glad to help you find the perfect patio cover! Our virtual sun shading house gives you the opportunity to have an interactive experience of all of our patio covers.

WAREMA is the market leader for sun shading systems in Europe. With our many years of experience, you can rely on us to help you find the perfect patio cover. Our specialist dealers will plan your completely individual sun shading system with you. Your awning, sun sail or slat roof is then produced here in Germany and assembled by our specialist dealers. You will of course also receive our 5-year manufacturer's warranty, the only one of its kind on the market, for your cover, the accessories and the control components!

WAREMA products are known for their fair pricing. There is no fixed price because all of our products are made to measure. The price depends on the type of desired cover, the desired size, the supplementary accessories and the control options. Don't hesitate to contact your specialist dealer who can advise you on these aspects of your product.

You won't have to make any compromises on the sun shading system when individually designing your patio cover. Rather than a solution "straight off the rack", your WAREMA product is custom-made. So it won't be too wide or too short. It has the exact colour and supplementary options you wish for and meets the highest quality demands. That's why we have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

A slat roof is the perfect choice for protecting your patio from rain and snow. When the slats are closed, these types of weather cannot get onto the patio from above. A pergola with an awning also keeps the patio dry even in bad weather. Sun sails and awnings, on the other hand, can only withstand light rain and snowfall.

The amount of time you'll need to spend on cleaning depends on the specific type of patio cover. But no matter which type you have, it's always a good idea to clean your patio cover regularly to prevent soiling from damaging the fabric or mechanical components.

Awnings: When cleaning an awning you should use our special cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products. We recommend cleaning in separate steps: first use a whisk broom or vacuum to remove course dirt from the frame, cover panel, etc., and then rinse the surfaces off with water. Then you can clean any metal or plastic surfaces with a damp cloth and our cleaning agent concentrate.

Slat roofs: For this cover type, a thorough cleaning once or twice a year is sufficient. Start by gently brushing each individual slat. For heavier soiling, you should use a cleaning solution with warm water. Caution: cleaning chemicals can damage the surface material. You can then clean the frame structure using the same method. As a final step, rinse the roof clean by spraying it with a garden hose – and you're done!

Sun sails: To clean your sun sail, follow the steps described above for awnings. Carefully apply the cleaner before spraying down the sail with warm water.

Awarded 'Best Brand of the Year' in the product category "Sun Shading".

Plus X Award for "Highest customer satisfaction 2021" in the awnings category.

The pergola awning Perea P20 from WAREMA receives an award for "High Quality, Design, Ease of use" at the Plus X Award.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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