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Material Rollladenpanzer

Roller shutter curtain colour

more colours available



Colours of boxes/guide rails



Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.



Additional belt for roller shutters that are motor-driven as standard. The roller shutter can be reliably and very quickly moved to the upper limit position in the event of a power failure, e.g. due to a fire.

Available for front-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters.

Further information on the WAREMA SecuKit can be found here

Insect and pollen protection

Keep annoying pests like mosquitoes, wasps or even pollen outside. With our innovative integrated insect screen and pollen protection solutions you can relax and breathe easy all the time.

Printable profiles

Whether for advertisements, logos or creative ideas - there is now more freedom with facade design than ever before. The profiles of the roller shutter curtains can be printed either in part or across the whole surface both inside and out.

Emergency power supply kit

Your safety in the event of a power failure! The emergency power supply kit from WAREMA increases safety fully automatically and consists of a UPS and a special motor control unit.


Decor films

Standard films

  • 10 standard decor films cover the spectrum of the most popular current colours for laminated plastic windows
  • These colours are available with the quickest delivery time
  • Anthracite grey, ungrained anthracite grey and golden oak are even available with the same delivery time as the standard plastic model in white
Special films
  • 85 additional individual special decor films
  • Prices and delivery time available on request

The list of available decor films is available here.

The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World is available on all powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. Choose from the 3 colour categories "Highlight", "Variation" and "Individual". WAREMA offers you over 400 powder colours and up to 5 different surface qualities.

Installation detail of top-mounted roller shutters

Installation detail of top-mounted roller shutters

  1. Box: plastic hollow chamber profiles, with expanded polystyrene insulating wedges and side cover insulation. Box optionally with aluminium front cover.
  2. Inspection cover: plastic hollow chamber profiles. Inspection from inside, inspection towards bottom or back.
  3. Window connection: as standard with clip attachment and window adapter profile made of plastic, optionally made of steel.
  4. Guide rails: made of extruded plastic, optionally made of extruded aluminium. With integrated bead. Concealed fixing via clamping pins.
  5. Roller shutter curtain: profiles of roller shutters made of aluminium A 36, A 44, A 53 or shutter profiles made of plastic K 36, K 52 and V 36 (for V 36, every 5th profile is made of aluminium). Colours acc. to the colour chart for WAREMA shutter profiles.
  6. End rail: made of extruded aluminium, optionally with sealing strip; end rail incl. stoppers.

Optional models

Optional models

  1. AU-RO Plaster model (optional): with plaster base profile and plaster base plate outside and/or inside as an alternative
  2. Insect screen roller blind (optional): highly transparent WAREMA VisionAir gauze made of plastic-coated fibreglass mesh in black. Operation via spring-loaded shaft. Alternatively insect screen swivel frame, e.g. for balcony and patio doors, also available.

Window connection via clip fixing

The standard window connection via clip fixing makes it much easier to handle the assembly during installation. In this option, the box and the integrated base profile are slipped onto the window adapter profile and clipped into place.


  • Stable connection across the entire window width
  • Available for window frame thicknesses of 70-92 mm
  • For widths of 1600 mm and up, a steel window adapter profile is optionally available for increased window rigidity

Statics optimisation - supplementary accessories for safe diversion of wind load

Statics optimisation - supplementary accessories for safe diversion of wind load

Top-mounted elements in standard models contain no window-stabilising or load-transferring components between the window and structure as standard. The planner or customer is responsible for determining the structural strength (wind load) on the basis of the window profile selected. An improvement of the structural strength is possible and can be achieved through the different measures listed here.

Details of the load bearing capacity of the structural console can be found here.


Top-mounted roller shutter, test values for thermal protection and sound insulation

On this page you will find the test values for top-mounted roller shutters AU-RO.
Please note the present structural conditions.
Click on the respective box size in order to display the test documentation.

Thermal protection technical data for AU-RO
MasonryBox size

with exterior insulation (EIFS)172024

Sound absorbing coefficients for AU-RO
Box modelBox size

Sound insulation 1172024
Sound insulation 2
Note about box models:

Standard = Box model as per technical data
Sound insulation 1 = sound insulation profile incl. brush and sound seal strip
Sound insulation 2 = sound insulation incl. brush and sound absorbing insert

Air density test values
Box size


Your WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters

Construction limit values
max. width: 3000 mm | max. height: 3500 mm | max. area: 8.5 m2 (deviations depending on type)
Box sizes
17 | 20 | 24
Belt | Crank | Motor | Radio motor

WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters

WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters are installed in new buildings and for window renovations. In contrast to front-mounted roller shutters, the shutter box is placed directly on top of the window. This way the roller shutter and window can be installed in a single efficient step.

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