Additional technologies for roller shutters
Innovations from the market leader

Intelligent additional technologies for roller shutters from WAREMA


Additional operation

WAREMA roller shutters with motor drive offer extremely comfortable operation together with an intelligent control system. In case of a power failure, the WAREMA SecuKit is an intuitive and reliable supplementary accessory.


Fall protection

With the integrated fall protection VisioNeo for roller shutters, you can secure floor-to-ceiling windows in a particularly stylish way.


Insect and pollen protection

Sophisticated & integrated

Keep annoying pests like mosquitoes, wasps or even pollen outside. With our innovative integrated insect screen and pollen protection solutions you can relax and breathe easy all the time.

Printable profiles

Facade design

Whether for advertisements, logos or creative ideas - there is now more freedom with facade design than ever before.

Minimax guide rail

Slender and strong

This innovative guide rail is only 37 mm wide and, when embedded in plaster, has a visible width of just 22 mm and can be recessed so that the window frame can be insulated from the side.

Solar drive

Solar energy

Thanks to the optional solar drive, sustainable motorisation is also possible - completely without wall openings and line routings.

Emergency power supply kit

Fully automatic

The emergency power supply kit from WAREMA increases safety fully automatically and consists of a UPS and a special motor control unit.

Security package

DIN 18073

The security package offers additional protection and increased burglar resistance as per DIN 18073. The perfect protection for the home.

High-grade profiles from WAREMA

WAREMA offers a variety of high-quality roller shutter profiles.

Depending on the requirements or field of application, there are different profiles to choose from. WAREMA offers the perfect solution for each situation, providing different characteristics such as stability and winding behaviour.

Further information

The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World is available on all powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. Choose from the 3 colour categories "Highlight", "Variation" and "Individual". WAREMA offers you over 400 powder colours and up to 5 different surface qualities.

Innovative drives and proven classics

Innovative drives and proven classics

Roller shutters from WAREMA can be operated either manually or using an electric drive in combination with an intelligent control solution. WAREMA only uses innovative drives of reliable European quality suppliers, e.g. Somfy and Becker drives. These comply with the highest quality standards and have been tested extensively. All drive solutions optimally match the corresponding WAREMA sun shading products as well as WAREMA control systems and are continuously further developed.

Supplementary accessories for safe diversion of wind load

Supplementary accessories for safe diversion of wind load

Top-mounted elements in standard models contain no window-stabilising or load-transferring components between the window and structure as standard. The planner or customer is responsible for determining the structural strength (wind load) on the basis of the window profile selected. An improvement of the structural strength is possible and can be achieved through the different measures listed here.


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