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Integrated insect screen
For roller shutters and external venetian blinds

Insect screen roller blind for windows with roller shutters

Insect screen roller blind for windows with roller shutters

Insect screen roller blinds for windows are a perfect combination with WAREMA external venetian blinds or roller shutters. They are very practical to integrate and can be operated using a handle rail.

Construction limit values
max. width: 2000 mm | max. height: 2700 mm | max. area: 4-5 m2

The benefits for you:
  • Securely mounted, can be used at any time
  • Soft-raise function for smooth and controlled raising of the sun shading product
  • Easy closing by engaging in the special labyrinth lock
  • Wind-stable through lateral fixing of the gauze using brush seals in the guide rails

Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir screen

Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir screen

Annoying "visits" from insects can be effectively stopped by an integrated insect screen roller blind – it can be integrated in the roller shutter right from the beginning or retrofitted later on.

Practically housed directly in the shutter box | Soft-raise function for smooth raising | Highly transparent VisionAir screen ensures a clear view to the outside world and optimal air circulation

Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir screen

Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir screen

The integrated or retrofittable insect screen provides more comfort in your home.

Insect screen for patio doors with roller shutters

Insect screen for patio doors with roller shutters

Insects love frequently used patio doors because they often don't
immediately swing shut. The WAREMA insect screen door stops this
unwanted through-traffic. And what about the cat and dog? We've even thought
of your family pets: a pet door can easily be integrated
into the swivel frame. And the best thing of all is that WAREMA also offers a matching insect screen for patio doors with roller shutters

The benefits for you:

  • Available with one or two wings, depending on window situation
  • Easy to open using the integrated handle rail
  • Closes reliably and tightly through magnetic catch and closing aid
  • Practical aluminium kick profile in the lower section
  • Power-coated in roller shutter colour
  • Also available with stainless steel gauze or polyester mesh

Insect screen swinging door

Insect screen swinging door

The insect screen swinging door – easy to operate even when you do not have a free hand. With the practical handle rail the swinging door can be opened easily and with no effort. Manual closing is a thing of the past thanks to the intelligent closing
mechanism – the swinging door automatically swings back to the starting position
and reliably locks the door from opening again. This makes passage through
easy and convenient.

The benefits for you:

  • Closes reliably and tightly
  • Cross rail with integrated handle rail for reinforcement
  • Flexible operation from room side or facade side
  • Automatic closing mechanism through swinging of the door

Insect screen pleated blind

Insect screen pleated blind

People want to protect themselves effectively from annoying insects
even if they have small balconies and patios without any space for a swivel or sash
frame. The WAREMA insect screen pleated blind is especially designed for this
use and offers great protection in very little space.
The insect screen
pleated blind mounted in the reveal and on the flat substructure can be
moved crosswise and thus moves into the frame while saving space. Therefore it offers
optimum protection even with little space.

The benefits for you:

  • Ideal for applications with little available space
  • Horizontally movable insect screen pleated blind slides into the frame to save space
  • Flexible operation from inside or outside using integrated handle rail


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