With WMS WebControl pro, operating your sun shading system is easier than ever before. You'll benefit from preset control modes and can relax as your WAREMA sun shading systems dealer takes care of commissioning.

  • Operation of awnings, roller shutters and more using an app and voice control
  • No fees
  • Can be integrated into existing networks
  • Simple operation and straightforward design
  • Easy activation and deactivation of preset control modes (via sensors)
  • Commissioning and configuration handled by your specialist dealer
  • All of the benefits of the exceptional WMS radio system

Control your home with Alexa

Operation is even more convenient than ever with the Alexa clever voice control. Even if you don't have your smartphone handy, your awnings, external venetian blinds, and other products are always at your command:

- "Alexa, lower the living room external venetian blind"

- "Alexa, set the awning to 100%"

- "Alexa, turn the living room lighting on"

Keep your home under control at all times

WMS WebControl pro gives you the ability to control your home not only over your in-home WLAN, but also whenever you're on the go. The optional WAREMA Cloud, physically located in Germany, provides outstanding security for your data.

Are you away on holiday and can't remember if you retracted your awning? No problem! With WMS WebControl pro, worries like these are a thing of the past.

More comfort and efficiency for your daily life

Clever control modes make your day-to-day life easer by adding significantly more comfort and efficiency. Sun control, dawn/dusk control and a number of other functions come pre-programmed, for instance, and are extremely easy to activate and deactivate.

Here's an example: when the sun is shining, external venetian blinds and awnings move all by themselves. They can then provide pleasant shading while preventing your rooms from heating up.

With individual automation based on the time of day, position of the sun and weather conditions, you always enjoy a perfect, feel-good climate.

You can also comfortably integrate further sun shading products and devices of other manufacturers into the radio system at a later time.

Thanks to sophisticated presence simulation and storm damage prevention due to wind monitoring.

Convenient and intuitive operation from hand-held transmitters, wall-mounted transmitters, smartphones or tablets.

WMS WebControl pro is a hardware system for integrating a mobile device into the WMS system as an additional transmitter. It is operated by app or web browser.

System construction

  • Operated at home directly via the WLAN network
  • Can be operated from anywhere via optional cloud connection (WAREMA Cloud is located in Germany)
  • Hardware is connected to the building router
  • Commissioning via WMS studio pro


  • Individual distribution of WMS receivers across different rooms
  • Via free iOS app or Android app
  • Via platform-independent web browser
  • Via voice-controlled assistant (Amazon Echo)


  • Graphic illustration of current position, optimised for sun shading
  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Integration into existing networks possible
  • Simple operation and straightforward design
  • Switching times are easy to set and change
  • Limit values and control modes (sun control and dawn/dusk control, wind and precipitation monitoring) can be adjusted (update available soon)

Operating voltage

5 V DC via micro USB plug-in connection


Ethernet via RJ45 plug-in connection

Degree of protection

IP 20

Safety class


Dimensions of receiver box

123 × 95 × 47 mm


Article number

WMS WebControl pro


WMS WebControl pro wall holder


Want to intelligently network your sun shading systems, heating, lighting and more using just one control system?

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