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WAREMA radio systems

How about some smart operation?

WMS WebControl pro

Smart sun shading is easier than ever before

✓ Alexa voice control
✓ Operation of awnings & Co. via app  

✓ Preset automatics simple and selectable
✓ Intuitive user interface
✓ Commissioning and configuration via your specialist dealer
✓ Easy retrofitting in existing WMS networks
✓ Awarded the Plus X Award

More about WMS WebControl pro

WMS homee

Smart home for the whole house

The entire home can be controlled from a single app
Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls
Sun shading systems, lighting, household appliances, and much more
Control modes can be manually configured
Support available from homee Community

More about WMS homee

Overview of WMS components

WMS WebControl pro

Your home in your pocket

WMS homee

Networking of sun shading systems, lighting, household appliances and more

WMS Hand-held transmitter

The right hand-held transmitter for any requirement

WMS Wall-mounted transmitter

Flexible attachment without mains connection

WMS receiver

Simple retrofitting with little installation work

WMS Flush-mounted devices

Receiver/transmitter for switch box

WMS Splitter UP

The perfect solution for apartment buildings

WMS Sensors

Automatic control based on environmental influences

WMS Software

Commissioning and configuration

WMS instructions

Operating and commissioning instructions


Description Valid from Forwarding
WAREMA Garantiebedingungen 01.2021 Send document linkSend document link
WAREMA radio systems

With individual automation based on the time of day, position of the sun and weather conditions, you always enjoy a perfect, feel-good climate.

Greater flexibility

You can also comfortably integrate further sun shading products and devices of other manufacturers into the radio system at a later time.

More safety

Thanks to sophisticated presence simulation and the avoidance of storm damage due to wind monitoring.

More user-friendly

Convenient and intuitive operation from hand-held transmitters, wall-mounted transmitters, smartphones or tablets.

Overview of EWFS components

EWFS Timer

Automatic control according to predetermined times

EWFS Hand-held transmitter

Remote control for operating sun shading products

EWFS Wall-mounted transmitter

Flexible attachment without mains connection

EWFS Weather station

Automatic control based on environmental influences

EWFS Plug receiver

Radio receivers also for retrofitting

EWFS Flush-mounted receiver

Radio receivers for installation in flush-mounted box

EWFS Multireceiver

Integrate existing drives easily into the radio network

EWFS instructions

Operating and commissioning instructions

Product data sheet

Description Valid from Forwarding
Produktdatenblatt Einheitliches WAREMA Funksystem EWFS 08.2021 Send document linkSend document link

Smart Home FAQs

Can I use my smartphone to operate my sun shading system? How can I automate my home? Can I add WMS components later on? You'll find answers to these and other questions in our Smart Home FAQs.