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Construction limit values
max. width: 3000 mm | max. height: 2600 mm | max. area: 7 m2
Box heights
205 mm | 225 mm
Belt | Crank | Motor | Radio motor
Installation detail

Installation detail

  1. Box/Insulating shell: Polystyrene, 3-part: upper/lower insulating shell & insulating wedge | With reinforcement profiles and connecting tabs of extruded aluminium
  2. Inspection cover (optional): Closure on the inside consisting of plastic with bonded insulation | Inspection cover strictly necessary to achieve tested heat transmission coefficients
  3. Guide rails: Extruded aluminium, powder-coated according to RAL | Guide rails optionally available with legs
  4. Bottom rail: Flat end rail made of aluminium with round stoppers | Optionally with two-piece 90°-profile end rail
  5. Roller shutter curtain: Shutter profiles made of aluminium or plastic
  6. Insect screen roller blind (optional)

Installation detail with side cover

Installation detail with side cover

  1. Side cover: Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide
  2. Roller shutter curtain: Shutter profiles made of aluminium or plastic
  3. Insect screen roller blind (optional): WAREMA VisionAir screen made of plastic-coated fibreglass mesh | Operation by aluminium handle rail | Brush seal ensures reliable sealing below | Smooth raising thanks to soft-raise function

Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir screen

Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir screen

Annoying "visits" from insects can be effectively stopped by an integrated insect screen roller blind – it can be integrated in the roller shutter right from the beginning or retrofitted later on.

Practically housed directly in the shutter box | Soft-raise function for smooth raising | Highly transparent VisionAir screen ensures a clear view to the outside world and optimal air circulation

Insect screen swivel frame

Insect screen swivel frame

For frequently used passageways such as balcony or patio doors, the swivel frame is a comfortable solution. The highly transparent VisionAir gauze ensures a clear view to the outside world and optimal air circulation. The insect screen swivel frame can be operated comfortably thanks to the integrated handle rail. With the help of a magnetic catch, the integrated closing aid closes the swivel frame automatically.

Fixed frames are available in addition to insect screen swivel frames. The swivel frame and fixed frame can optionally be covered with a rugged stainless steel gauze or a pollen screen.


Renovation roller shutter, test values for heat transmission coefficient

The detailed basic conditions for determining the test values are provided in the detailed test reports. Please click the respective value.

Test values for the heat transmission coefficient

Box size 205
Box size 225
Temperature factor fRSi (Target: fRSI ≥ 0.70)
Heat values USB in W/(m2K) (Target: ≤ USB 0.85)

The values specified above only apply in combination with the inspection cover offered as an accessory.


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