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Efficiency and security guaranteed

Efficiency and security guaranteed

Roller shutters from WAREMA not only provide perfect visual privacy and light protection, but also help to increase energy efficiency in your home. Because WAREMA roller shutters reduce heat radiation in winter via the windows and thereby reduce the heating costs. In summer, the roller shutters ensure that your rooms do not get too hot and have to be cooled down expensively as a result. WAREMA roller shutters thus create your personal feel-good climate - and that doesn't just make your family happy, but also relieves your household budget. Special security roller shutters can also effectively scare off burglars. They are certified according to DIN EN 1627 and can be supported by the KfW. This is guaranteed to make your home safer and nicer to live in.

Can be used at any time

Can be used at any time

With roller shutters from WAREMA you can master every architectural challenge when it comes to optimising the light protection and visual privacy, climate or security of your property. WAREMA roller shutters can also be used subsequently for renovations and thus offer you exceptional flexibility when it comes to , planning your feel-good oasis. The roller shutters are simply mounted on the existing windows - done! For completely new buildings you can also opt for front-mounted roller shutters. Together with contrasting or colour-coordinated external venetian blinds you can set exciting highlights on your facade. Find out more today from your WAREMA dealer.

High-grade maintenance for lasting beauty

High-grade maintenance for lasting beauty

A roller shutter reliably protects against the sun, cold and rain. However, the moods of the weather, changing temperatures and dirt can get to it. Over time, a layer of dirt forms on your roller shutter which burns into the coating. For this reason, you should prevent stubborn dirt: Simply protect your roller shutter regularly with the cleaning agents from WAREMA. After all, continuous care is more comfortable than cleaning laboriously at greater intervals.

Cleaning products in WAREMA quality

A roller shutter that is regularly maintained retains its value and looks more appealing. Your sun shading system also deserves the best care products precisely for this reason. So rely on the certified cleaning agents from WAREMA. Be it our cleaning agent concentrate, cleaning glove or our tong brush – with these assistants you can maintain your roller shutters effectively, yet gently.

Simply clean roller shutters properly

Simply clean roller shutters properly

When maintaining your sun shading system, prevent electronic components from coming into contact with water. This will protect you from a short circuit. Always clean your roller shutter from the top down and do not use abrasive sponges, harsh cleaning agents or high pressure washers.

Long-lasting joy guaranteed

The tested cleaning agents for sun shading products with a certificate from WAREMA are ideally suited to the maintenance of roller shutters & co. This makes cleaning your roller shutter even easier. And you will be able to enjoy a pleasant, value-retaining sun shading system long-term.


WAREMA roller shutters are tailor-made to your exact requirements.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy the highest quality of materials and perfect functionality.

Energy efficiency

With usefully designed solutions you will save on heating costs and be able to influence your indoor climate pleasantly.

Simple installation

You will find the perfect solution to suit the facade design – whether mounted from above, from the front, in the shaft or sloped models.

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