Sun sail fixings from WAREMA offer you maximum freedom and creative scope when it comes to installing your sun sail above your favourite place. Whether they are securely mounted to the house wall or mobile in the courtyard or garden - WAREMA sun sails have a number of fixing options. You can therefore enjoy the airy, almost weightless elegance of an effective and optically impressive sun shading system virtually anywhere. With the sophisticated WAREMA sun sail fixings, you decide for yourself what outdoor area you want to shade. Because sun sails are particularly suited to demanding areas where other sun shading solutions fail.

WAREMA sun sail fixings allow you to shade places in the courtyard or garden where parasols don't offer enough protection, for example, because the areas are asymmetrical or uneven. You can attach your sun sail there with stakes and dismount it again in an instant. This way you can protect the sandpit, for example, against excessive solar radiation during a children's birthday party or occupy your favourite place away from the patio for some relaxed reading. Of course, WAREMA also offers you permanently installed sun sail fixings on the house wall in order to make life on the patio a light and airy experience. The WAREMA sun sails are an effective solution for transforming especially large areas into a shaded oasis.

You can use WAREMA sun sails with secured fixings all year round because the fabrics are water-repellent and protect your evening barbecue, for example, even when it rains lightly. At the same time, the different sun sail cuts and the various awning fabric variants give you immense creative freedom. Sun sail fixings on the facade also give you a further advantage: You can lower your sun sail on one side and thus protect yourself against low-lying sun or prying eyes. This also works fully automatically if you combine your sun sail with the solar-operated weather station. It "knows" exactly when the wind gets too strong and your sun shading system has to be retracted or lowered. Sun sail fixings from WAREMA open up undreamt-of possibilities for shading all outdoor spaces effectively, comfortably and in a visually demanding way - and thus for making them your new favourite places. Arrange an appointment with your WAREMA dealer. They'll help you to find a sun sail fixing that meets all of your needs.

Find exactly the right sun sail to fulfil all your requirements while having fun in the process with the help of the the digital WAREMA Configurator.

Make every room an insect-free zone. Insect screens and pollen protection from WAREMA reliably protect your windows and doors.

Expand your living space outside. Find out more about custom-made awnings for the patio and balcony.

Thanks to innovative Smart Home technology from WAREMA, sun shading systems, light, heating and household appliances, for example, can be intelligently networked and easily controlled via smartphone or completely automatically – for a true feel-good home.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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