They appear to be floating in mid-air – they're sun sails from WAREMA, and they'll transform your garden, patio or balcony into a shaded and peaceful oasis. You can even choose the design and colour to exactly suit your taste. Design your favourite space just the way you want it. Modern. Elegant. Light. Always with safe shading from the sun thanks to the custom-made sun sail.

WAREMA sun sails are made to measure. That means you always get the right solution for the patio and garden.

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy superior material quality and perfect functionality.

Thanks to countless projects, we know what is important – and we can develop solutions for all requirements.

Discreet, conspicuous, matching your taste in every case – enjoy the variety of trendy colours for your selection.

Sonea – The new generation sun sail

The new generation sun sail Sonea is here. With a more spectacular design than ever before. With many optimised features for extreme stability and longevity. And with an ease of operation that makes it fun to use. Experience the interplay of sun, light and shade. Set accents that lend a new lightness to the garden, patio and architecture. And above all, you can look forward to the most beautiful fascination. Ask your specialist dealer about the countless possibilities for making your life more pleasant with WAREMA sun sails.

Sun sails from WAREMA are as individual as you are. This way you will always find the sun shading system that is guaranteed to suit you: a triangular or diamond-shaped sun sail , symmetrical or asymmetrical, electrically or manually retractable, free-standing or attached to the outer facade of your property. With a WAREMA sun sail, you create a unique living space in the open air wherever you want one. And you do so exactly the way you want – thanks to 90 high-grade fabrics to choose from for your sun sail as well as appropriate accessories such as supports, consoles or traction cables. Comfortable operation is also ensured, of course. All permanently installed sun sails feature an automatic drive. If the wind blows too strongly, the control system retracts your sun sail automatically. Or you can do this yourself via app*.

*)Option at surcharge

Sun sails from WAREMA look elegant, light and airy. Precisely for that reason they have to be protected against very strong wind and even retracted in the event of a storm. There are various different control systems available to you for your sun sail for this purpose - from the manual crank to the motor drive. When you extend and retract your electric sun sail , you can combine your control system with a weather station. Then you no longer have to worry about a looming storm. This is because your very own "weather detector" knows exactly when your sun sail should be retracted. Incidentally, there are special WAREMA products available for maintaining and protecting your sun sail - from the certified cleaning concentrate to the microfibre cleaning glove. It couldn't be any easier to maintain your valuable sun sail and make it fit for the next season!

Thanks to the WAREMA Smart Living Packages, you can enjoy your time outdoors without a care. There are two packages to choose from which take care of the operation of your sun shading system by app or hand-held transmitter or of your sun control with wind and precipitation monitoring. Your Outdoor Living product gives you the highest level of comfort and optimum safety.

  • maximum order width 9000 mm
  • maximum excerpt 6500 mm
  • Excellent design for gardens and patios
  • Different fabric shapes (symmetrical, asymmetrical or triangular) possible
  • Easily to operate via hand-held transmitter

Relax in style with sun shading: the compact sun sail impresses with a light and modern look, a variety of design options and well thought-out details. For example, technical components such as the motor are completely hidden within the fabric shaft. A real eye-catcher for your garden and patio.

The benefits for you:

  • Available both with symmetrical and asymmetrical fabric
  • Fabrics also in triangular shapes
  • Excellent design for gardens and patios
  • Optional height adjustment for the fabric's lowering mechanism offers protection when the sun is low
  • Poles optionally available in stainless steel
  • Wall connection possible
  • WMS Weather station for automatic fabric retraction when the weather changes
  • Clean line guidance and particular stability thanks to the cable deflection (black)

Your patio is at the heart of it all. Here, everything takes place under our huge Sonea sun sail which is attached to the wall of the house. And because there is always something happening on your patio, our sun sail Sonea with two extensions provides enough shade and distributes fresh air for everyone.

But it's not just the sun shading that you will love about our sun sail. It also adds a special personal touch and certain brightness to the architecture of your home. Anyone who sees you extending the sail electrically for the first time will be surprised at the motor hidden within the fabric shaft. Sonea awakes enthusiasm and creates a unique holiday atmosphere.

Do you often spend the whole day in your outdoor space? It is very practical that the pull-out posts of our sun sail Sonea are easily height-adjustable. This always allows you to adjust your sun sail according to the position of the sun. And when the day is over, the you can enjoy a romantic evening together.

Superior quality is our standard. And we guarantee it with our fair and comprehensive extended 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Valid on all our Outdoor Living products - including accessories and control components! To benefit from this no-cost added value, all you need to do is register your product online following your purchase. With WAREMA offering the only 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the market for Outdoor Living products, you're on the safe side.

You receive quality assured products from Europe's leading, full-range provider of sun shading systems.

We have been developing and producing WAREMA technical sun shading products since 1955.

To make sure that you are satisfied before and long after the purchase, we offer you comprehensive services.

Find suitable documents and tools and learn more about our repair and support services.

Want to create your own personal shady spot outdoors without compromising on a light appearance and the highest level of comfort? Make your summer dreams come true with our elegant sun sails and transform your garden or patio into a unique oasis of well-being. A wide selection of colours and designs is available to turn your design dreams into reality. Our stylish shading solutions offer you a stunning array of creative options combined with maximum comfort. Use the WAREMA configurator and individually configure your sun sail to measure.

Find exactly the right sun sail to fulfil all your requirements while having fun in the process with the help of the the digital WAREMA Configurator.

Discover accessory technologies and features for sun sails from WAREMA - The new generation of sun sails Sonea stands out with its innovative technologies and fundamental optimisations. The result: Sonea sets standards with its light and convenient operation, its stability and reliability and its design and customisation options.

Modern designs

A wide range of high-grade acrylic fabrics are available to you for all Sonea models. The acrylic fabrics from WAREMA fulfil the most demanding quality requirements and offer you a great selection of modern unicoloured designs.

Perfect lighting conditions

You can combine the Sonea models with a convenient height adjustment function. This way you can lower your sun sail easily on one side – ideal when the sun is low.

Individual architecture

With WAREMA, you will always find the sun sail Sonea that is guaranteed to fit in with your individual architecture. Choose between symmetric, asymmetric or triangular fabrics.

Invisible technology

In the S70, the motor is fully hidden and therefore completely invisible.

WAREMA Colour World

All poles are available in stainless steel or with powder coating from the extensive WAREMA Colour World. You can choose from the three colour categories "Highlight", "Variation" or "Individual".

Flexible assembly

You can also freely choose the place to use your sun sail Sonea. Would you prefer it to be installed free-standing or have it mounted to the outer facade of your house? Design-wise, you have all the options here.

Here we've collected – and answered – a number of common questions about sun sails.

You can choose from more than 90 high-grade fabrics, and over 300 colours leave nothing to be desired. Use our Collection Assistant to get an idea of our sun sails, fabrics, patterns and colours beforehand.

Whether they are permanently mounted on the house wall or mobile in the courtyard or garden - WAREMA sun sails have a number of fixing options. You should, however, seek out a specialist dealer who can provide you with professional advice beforehand and install the sun sail correctly.

External sun shading systems such as sun sails are used all year round and are thus often exposed to changing weather conditions and soiling. To clean dirt and prevent damage to movable parts, the tested and certified WAREMA sun shading system cleaner combined with the WAREMA cleaning glove is suitable for cleaning metal and plastic surfaces.

To WAREMA cleaning products

Because WAREMA sun sails are high-quality products, which are often made to measure according to customer wishes, there is no official price list. Let your local specialist dealer provide you with a free and non-binding consultation in person or over the phone.

Because WAREMA sun sails are high-quality products, which are often made to measure according to customer wishes, they are only available to purchase from sun shading specialist dealers and not in hardware stores or online. Let your local specialist dealer provide you with a free and non-binding consultation in person or over the phone.

Make every room an insect-free zone. Insect screens and pollen protection from WAREMA reliably protect your windows and doors.

Expand your living space outside. Find out more about custom-made awnings for the patio and balcony.

Optimise your sun shading systems with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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