Sun shading solutions
Individual for each room

Overview of sun shading solutions


Sun shading for the living room

For many people, the living room is the centre of life in their home. Other than the bedroom, this is where they spend the most time. The living room should therefore be equipped with the best possible sun shading system. Learn about the options for shading in the living room.


Sun shading for the bedroom

Don't need sun shading in the bedroom? Far from it! Roller shutters don't just protect against the sun, but also against the light from street lamps and against street noise. Maybe you don't want it to be pitch-black, but rather would like to regulate the incidence of light individually? No problem. We'll show you all the possibilities available to you.


Sun shading for the bathroom

After getting up, the bathroom is the first stop. So you're not blinded by the sun, but still have enough light to wash your face or brush your teeth, there are a multitude of sun shading products available, such as venetian blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds. Light and shading exactly as you like, be inspired.


Sun shading for the kitchen

Lifestyle starts with your windows, especially in the kitchen. The sun shading system shouldn't just look good and control light and shade, but also withstand high humidity. If it can also keep prying eyes at bay and ensure privacy when necessary, every home cook will be happy.


Sun shading systems for patios

Expand your living space outside and enjoy your patio all year round. Nothing can keep nature lovers from their patio. An awning protects from the sun, UV rays and rain, and transforms your patio into a new space to live out and feel in. Find more solutions here.


Sun shading for the balcony

Your balcony is a great place of refuge for your free time, and adds value to any apartment or building in summer. A patio awning, pergola awning or sun sail offers UV protection, heat and sun protection and also protection against bad weather. There's nowhere better than your balcony at home.


Sun shading for the conservatory

A conservatory provides an extra room in your home and an indoor/outdoor feeling all year round, surrounded by nature. So you can enjoy the best sun shading, WAREMA has a multitude of solutions available: from external and internal venetian blinds to roller blinds, pleated blinds and awnings – so you can always feel comfortable!


Sun shading for the garden

Would you like to get out into nature, but also need a shady place to spend time especially in summer? WAREMA has a large selection of solutions available, well-designed and made in Germany from high-grade materials – whether it's a sun sail, parasol or Lamaxa slat roof. Design a sun shading system for your garden.

WAREMA Configurator

Interactive experience of sun shading – go into your living room, kitchen or on the patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

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