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Sun shading solutions for your living room


External venetian blinds for the living room

External venetian blinds allow you to enjoy daylight and privacy in equal measure. You can do more than create a feel-good atmosphere in your living room. Individually adjustable slat angles allow you both to control the incidence of sunlight as you wish and to protect against prying eyes.


Internal venetian blinds for the living room

As well as a variety of attractive slat designs, the internal venetian blind offers a simple installation technique and can therefore easily be used in rental properties. Installation directly in the glass profile also enables the full function of the pivoting window. The window thus remains easily accessible for ventilation.


Vertical louvre blinds for the living room

Is horizontal getting boring? Then decorate your living room with vertical louvre blinds. The elegant sun shading system holds its own even on curved fronts. Vertical slats are a creative design element which are individually customised to inspire you, and which can be adapted to every solution.


Pleated blinds for the living room

Pleated blinds are made from a pleated fabric, which is extended and retracted like an accordion. They offer you effective sun shading and visual privacy with which you can control the brightness in your rooms according to your mood. Pleated blinds also offer a variety of colours, so you can design your home according to your tastes.


Roller blinds for the living room

When it gets dark outside, you need artificial light in your living room. Nobody wants their neighbours or the outside world watching while they read or watch television. A roller shutter provides you quickly and easily with privacy in the evening and brings more comfort into the heart of your home.

Living room window awning

Window awnings for the living room

Window awnings are a functional and attractive outdoor shading solution. The fabrics used are extremely robust and weather-resistant. Stable guide rails, such as the especially wind-stable ZIP guidance, guarantee long-term functionality. Window awnings are specially tailored to your needs and made for your window dimensions.


Curtain panels for the living room

Are you only familiar with curtain panels from your doctor's office? Well here you can get to know the whole variety. Also suitable for use as discreet room dividers, these perfect privacy and sun shading systems are available in countless colours for straight or corner installation. Just making a decision is fun and your living space becomes pure pleasure.


Roller shutters for the living room

The window all-rounder: whether you're looking for a sun shading system for your living room, want to save energy or need effective protection against uninvited intruders - roller shutters are intelligent, fully automatable systems that provide more comfort and additional security.


Insect screens for the living room

All that comes in is what is allowed in. Living rooms should also have the right insect or pollen protection. Swivel and sash frames, swinging doors and other models reliably keep unwelcome guests at bay. The insect screen solutions can also be retrofitted and are customised to your needs.

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Shading options for your living room

Guide daylight into the living room with WAREMA sun shading products according to your preferences and enjoy a unique lighting ambience and a real feel-good atmosphere.

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