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Sun shading for your kitchen
The heart of your home

Sun shading solutions for your kitchen

External venetian blinds for the kitchen

External venetian blinds allow you to enjoy daylight and privacy in equal measure. They create a comfortable atmosphere – and not only in the kitchen. Individually adjustable slat angles allow you both to control the incidence of sunlight as you wish and to protect against prying eyes.

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Internal venetian blinds for the kitchen

As well as a variety of attractive slat designs, the internal venetian blind offers a simple installation technique and can therefore easily be used in rental properties. Installation directly in the glass profile also enables the full function of the pivoting window. The window thus remains easily accessible for ventilation.

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Roller blinds for the kitchen

Cooking, eating and living spaces are blending together more and more in today's room design. Colour-coordinated roller blinds have an impressive slender appearance and offer aesthetically pleasing sun shading for modern rooms. The almost unlimited variety of fabrics ensures maximum design freedom.

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Roller shutters for the kitchen

When the days get shorter and nightfall comes earlier, sometimes you need artificial lighting in your rooms in the early evening hours. And we'd rather not be watched by our neighbours or anyone else as we prepare and eat our dinner. A roller shutter provides you quickly and easily with privacy in the evening and brings more comfort into the heart of your home.

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Insect screens for the kitchen

Keeping unpleasant food odours out of your home takes more than just an effective extractor system: it also requires regular ventilation. Especially in the summertime, this can turn into a feeding frenzy for insects like gnats, wasps and bees. Our insect screen roller blinds are a particularly versatile solution. If you don't need the extra protection, the roller blind simply retracts into a cassette.

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Shading options for your kitchen

Guide as much daylight as you'd like into your kitchen. Enjoy a unique lighting ambience and a real feel-good atmosphere with WAREMA sun shading solutions.