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Sun shading in the conservatory
Inside and outside all year round

Sun shading solutions for your conservatory

External venetian blinds for the conservatory

External venetian blinds are an option for the external shading of conservatory walls. The positioning of the slats allows the external venetian blinds to protect against glare while still letting in daylight and providing you with a view outside - for a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

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Internal venetian blinds for the conservatory

With the internal venetian blind's adjustable aluminium slats, you can decide for yourself how much privacy you'd like. Depending on the position of the slats, nature can also peek in and create a cosy atmosphere. Optimal energy efficiency can be achieved with a combination of external and internal sun shading systems.

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Pleated blinds for the conservatory

Conservatories often have many windows and glass surfaces and present a special challenge to sun shading systems. In terms of installation and design, pleated blinds are particularly refined and can effectively shade even complicated glass surfaces and angles - even trapezoidal, triangular or semi-circular windows.

More information about pleated blinds

Window awnings for the conservatory

Window awnings in weather-proof fabrics provide reliable sun shading for your conservatory. Window awnings with easyZIP guidance make it especially easy for you to shade glass corners in your conservatory - in many colours with different opacities.

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Roller blinds for the conservatory

Whether in a single colour or patterned - roller blinds are also great in the conservatory. You can decide how much sunlight shines through by choosing slightly transparent or completely opaque fabrics. As all roller blinds are customised, almost any solution is possible. The word "impossible" isn't in our vocabulary!

Roller blind overview

Vertical louvre blinds for the conservatory

Vertical louvre blinds are mostly used for larger glass surfaces, making them the perfect shading solution for conservatories. Vertical louvre blinds give you the advantage of being able to individually control the incidence of light and let daylight into the room by tilting the vertical fabric strips.

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External Climara awning for the conservatory

External conservatory awnings are installed on the cold roof of the conservatory. They absorb most of the sun's rays before they reach the glass, so that the heat can't make its way inside. Because the units are exposed to the elements, the Climara external conservatory awnings have been designed to be resilient and stable.

Overview of conservatory awnings

Internal Climara awning for the conservatory

Internal conservatory awnings can be used as an attractive "under glass" solution. Advantage: the units are protected against becoming soiled or weathered and can be optimally incorporated into the room design. The awnings collection, with its large selection of colours and fabrics, offers a wide range of design possibilities.

Overview of conservatory awnings

Insect screens for the conservatory

Especially in summer, you want to enjoy fresh air in your conservatory, but you'd prefer to keep unwelcome insects outside. Insect and pollen protection is the perfect solution for you to enjoy spring and summer in peace and without needing a fly swatter. Whether for door or window frames, permanently or variably installed - everything is possible.

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Shading options for your conservatory

Guide daylight into the conservatory with WAREMA sun shading products according to your preferences and enjoy a real feel-good atmosphere and a unique lighting ambience.