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Sun shading in the bathroom
Refreshingly illuminating

Sun shading solutions for your bathroom

External venetian blinds for the bathroom

Bathroom windows provide light and air circulation. Depending on the situation, you will likely also require visual privacy to protect from prying eyes. Frosted glass may be a proven solution, but it also prevents a view out. External venetian blinds combine both aspects in a single product: optimal privacy protection with a clear view of the outside.

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Internal venetian blinds for the bathroom

With the internal venetian blind's individually adjustable slats, you can individually control how much light you let into your bathroom. The huge range of available colours maximises your options for designing a colour scheme. A simple, non-marking installation with adhesive profiles or clamping supports makes it possible to replace the blinds later whenever you want.

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Window awnings for the bathroom

A suitable sun shading system can help you make the most of your bathroom window. With the right external window awning, fresh air and daylight can be combined perfectly with a nice view, glare control and energy efficiency.

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Roller shutters for the bathroom

You want your bathroom to be place where you can relax. A comfortable room climate is a big part of making that happen. External sun shading systems in the form of roller shutters deliver outstanding energy efficiency. In summer, they absorb the heat of the sun before it reaches the window, and in winter they minimise heat loss.

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Insect screens for the bathroom

Especially in city apartments, indoor baths without daylight or fresh air are often standard. Count yourself lucky if you've got a bathroom with a window. To prevent mould, regular ventilation is the order of the day. The most effective protection against unwanted guests remains a high-grade insect screen.

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Daylight management for the bathroom

Guide daylight into the bathroom with WAREMA sun shading products according to your preferences and enjoy a unique lighting ambience and a real feel-good atmosphere.