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External venetian blinds: It pays to look good

External venetian blinds: It pays to look good

External venetian blinds from WAREMA are designed for longevity and high functionality. Your external venetian blinds therefore require regular maintenance and cleaning, just like your car. Only this way can you contribute to the value retention of your valuable external venetian blinds - and of course enjoy an ever fresh, attractive appearance. But not all cleaning agents are equally suitable for protecting your external venetian blinds against soiling and defending against adverse weather conditions. Corrosive cleaning agents or alcohol as well as high pressure washers and the like should stay in the basement. It's best to use tested and certified cleaning agents from WAREMA. Because the effective cleaning of your external venetian blinds is a question of experience and trust!

Clean external venetian blinds correctly

Clean external venetian blinds correctly

WAREMA has developed a pair of innovative cleaning tongs especially for the external venetian blind, which clasp completely around the slats and free them of dirt with efficient cleaning pads. Thanks to their ergonomic handle, the slat cleaning tongs sit comfortably in your hand, thereby ensuring fatigue-free working. There is actually just one thing to bear in mind here: Always clean external venetian blinds from top to bottom so as not to accidentally make the slats you've already cleaned dirty again. Together with the WAREMA cleaning agent concentrate, you ensure both careful and effective cleaning of your external venetian blinds. You can find more tips for cleaning your external venetian blind here:
Cleaning instructions for your external venetian blinds


WAREMA external venetian blinds are made to measure. That means you always get the right solution for your facade.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy the highest quality of materials and perfect functionality.

Energy efficiency

With usefully designed solutions you will save on heating costs and be able to influence your indoor climate pleasantly.


International experts are in agreement: WAREMA external venetian blinds excite with their outstanding design and first-class functionality.

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