Asymmetrical external venetian blinds
Made-to-measure solution

Printable slats

External venetian blinds and roller shutters now offer even more options for the individual facade design. Whether advertisements, logos or creative ideas - find out about our printable sun shading products.

EasyClean coating

Less work thanks to the special EasyClean coating, which softens dirt particles and carries them away from the slat with sufficient water.

Flat slats

Flat slats

Especially slender and highly flexible slats especially suited for small window areas.

Set targeted highlights with slat colours

Set targeted highlights with slat colours

With the colour variety of WAREMA you can individually adjust your external venetian blinds to your facade. You have the option of individually combining slat colours and guide rail colours.

The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World is available on all powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. Choose from the 3 colour categories "Highlight", "Variation" and "Individual". WAREMA offers you over 400 powder colours and up to 5 different surface qualities.

Asymmetrical external venetian blinds

Asymmetrical external venetian blinds

  1. Cover panel: Folded, available in different shapes, adjusted to the angle of inclination of the top rail.
  2. Slats: Flat slats, 80 mm; slats and tilting tape connected through special cutouts (minimising incidence of light).
  3. Cable guidance: Lateral guidance by means of 3.3 mm stainless steel cable with black or transparent polyamide coating
  4. Bottom rail: Telescopic bottom rail that runs synchronously with symmetrical
    external venetian blinds


Your WAREMA asymmetrical external venetian blinds

Construction limit values
max. width: 2510 mm | max. height: 3900 mm | max. area: 7 m2
Flat slats: slat width 80 mm | slat thickness: approx. 0.45 mm
Available with motor

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