WAREMA frame colours
Maximum colour selection x 5

Surface qualities to meet all requirements

Five different surfaces
provide you with the perfect selection to suit your personal requirements.
Satin finish, matt and fine texture
Satin finish is a slightly glossy surface with a smooth finish and optimal light and weather resistance. The matt surface, on the other hand, is distinguished by its smooth matt finish. Fine texture adds impressive effects.
Highly weather-resistant matt and highly weather-resistant fine texture
The highly weather-resistant surfaces are characterised by significantly improved weathering behaviour with regard to gloss retention, weathering, chalking and colour stability. They are available in matt and fine texture.

Maximum colour selection in three categories


12 DB and RAL basic colours form the foundation of the WAREMA Colour World. We offer you selected standard colours, which satisfy all the latest colour trends. In addition, choose from 5 surfaces to perfectly coordinate the gloss level and structure with the respective structural situation.


Make use of this opportunity to vary your design with a further 50 RAL basic colours and 4 surfaces. Any special colour concept can be realised.


Over 200 colours on individual surfaces round out the WAREMA Colour World and offer more individuality. This means no wishes are left unfulfilled.

WAREMA Colour World as a download

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