Your roller shutters close by themselves at nightfall, even though you're away on holiday. Your awning automatically retracts if the wind gets too strong. Your external venetian blinds follow the position of the sun and create the perfect light at your workplace as if by magic. Or the large slats on the outer facade of your property close automatically to prevent your indoor areas from overheating. When that happens, it's either magic – or a clever sun shading control system from WAREMA. You can use this to control the sun shading system in residential buildings or commercial properties more comfortably than ever and easily benefit from increased safety, quality of life and energy efficiency at the same time. That's why so many property owners are opting for a smart WAREMA sun shading control system.

Your sun shading control system from WAREMA takes away from you what you previously had to do by hand: It controls all of your sun shading products on request fully automatically. Regardless of where you are or what you are working on. You only have to register your desired setting once in your smart control solution. Then your WAREMA sun shading control system will always guarantee you perfect lighting conditions in your rooms and an optimum feel-good climate at any time of day. Alternatively, you can submit the commands to your sun shading control system to control your sun shading system easily via radio remote control or even via an app on your smartphone. This way you'll always have your home under control, even remotely – when you're away on holiday, for example.

WAREMA offers you a wide range of intelligent systems for sun shading control. This means that you're always guaranteed to get a perfect solution when it comes to operation: whether you're looking for a solution for your home or a commercial property, a system for controlling one sun shading product or multiple systems, or for networking your smart building technology and household appliances. There are solutions based on different technologies available to you when choosing your WAREMA sun shading control system. So you will find a radio-based sun shading control system as well as systems based on the established KNX technology which you can use to carry out complex control functions, for example in commercial areas.

Can I use my smartphone to operate my sun shading system? How can I automate my home? Can I add WMS components to the network later on? You'll find answers to these and other questions in our Smart Home FAQs.

With your WAREMA sun shading control system, you can safely and conveniently operate sun shading products with a motor. At the same time, you save time thanks to automated processes and benefit from increased safety: for example by means of the presence simulation, the intelligent wind sensor, which automatically retracts your awnings in heavy wind, or thanks to external venetian blinds , which optimise the incidence of light automatically. What's more, your WAREMA sun shading control system also provides more energy efficiency by ensuring optimum room temperatures throughout the whole year.

The tried and tested WMS radio system enables you to easily and conveniently operate sun shading systems, lighting and more. Whether via hand-held transmitter, wall-mounted transmitter, smartphone or voice assistant - with WMS in your smart home, the choice is yours.

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