The flush-mounted battery module is suitable for installation in a flush-mounted box. In an emergency, it ensures safe raising of the sun shading product with a direct current drive. The battery pack guarantees an unobstructed route to the outside, even in the event of power failure.

Compact design for installation in a flush-mounted box

Incorrect operation is impossible

Basic product: A motor-operated sun shading system with a direct current drive

Field of application: commercial or public buildings

Emergency situation: power failure / fire / panic situation / smoke development

Trigger: Automatically via building control system or, in the event of a malfunction, manually via emergency push button

Maintenance: At least once a year by qualified specialist, additional battery replacement after 1,000 driving movements or 2 years


Article number

Battery module UP external venetian blinds


Battery module UP roller shutters


Spare battery module UP external venetian blinds


Spare battery module UP roller shutters


Rated voltage

230 V

Standby power

< 300m W

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