Looking for an extraordinary sun shading system? Then simply change your perspective and choose vertical slats. This extraordinary sun shading system gives your home office an individual touch and you can enjoy the highest level of functionality and impressive operating comfort at the same time. Because with vertical slats from WAREMA, you can always enjoy the amount of the sun's natural light that's right for you: either intensive light for working or discreet light for relaxing. Furthermore, vertical slats grant you pleasant temperatures in your indoor areas, which often makes additional cooling unnecessary. This makes them an effective form of protection against both high energy costs and prying eyes from outside.

Vertical slats from WAREMA offer you interesting options for setting design highlights in your home office. At the same time they guarantee you maximum living comfort, are a reliable visual privacy and sun shading system and ensure a feel-good atmosphere made to order. Because we manufacture your vertical slats for you exactly as you want them. Simply choose your favourite from over 100 fabrics and designs and select the shape you want: straight, sloped or curved, for small or large windows, vertical slats in standard dimensions or as a made-to-measure product that fits your needs – for a form that blends in perfectly with your own four walls.

No matter which WAREMA vertical slat model you choose: the fact that it's Made in Germany from high-grade materials, with experienced craftsmanship and attention to detail, mean that you're guaranteed a functional sun shading system you can enjoy for years to come. What's more: your vertical louvre blinds are incredibly easy to install. That's true for our conventional models for straight windows, but also applies to our horizontally curved versions, individual custom-made products and sloped units for skylights. And when your vertical slats are in use, you ensure ideal light, optimum protection against nosy neighbours and perfect feel-good temperatures in your home office. On request you can even enjoy all of this at the press of a button. Simply choose a sun shading system with an electric drive. With WAREMA vertical slats, you have sunlight safely under control, and with great comfort thanks to their simple operation. This extraordinary sun shading system delivers reliable protection against heat, blinding daylight und prying eyes. And because your vertical louvre blind is individually crafted just for you, it's a perfect fit for your requirements. Simply choose your ideal vertical slats – with our impressive WAREMA quality – from a wide range of material and styles for all kinds of window areas.

Optimise your sun shading systems with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.

In addition, create accents with our roller shutters from WAREMA. They can be discreetly integrated into your building facade and also provide effective sun shading and glare control.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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