Comfort, safety and energy efficiency – this is what owners and users want in modern buildings today. And with the solutions from WAREMA for efficient building automation, this wish is becoming reality. Because with these you create an intelligent environment which completes several daily processes for you automatically - this gives you more time for the important things in life. So our products on building automation think for you on sunny days and control your sun shading system on their own, for example. Or you operate your lighting, awnings, ventilation and external venetian blinds very easily via tablet or smartphone. With the clever WAREMA control systems, you can easily create smart buildings just as you wish. For buildings that impress with superior comfort, safety and energy efficiency – day in and day out.

Building automation with brains is easy to achieve with the reliable control systems from WAREMA for a smart home, both in the private and commercial building sector. At WAREMA you will find the ideal solution for all of your needs: From the globally established KNX technology, central control systems and radio solution to simple retrofitting of the building automation during renovation and modernisation. With our systems you network intelligent housing technology comfortably to a home network with IQ. And that guarantees economical use of valuable energy as well as safety and a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. Because thanks to building automation, your awning will then retract automatically when the wind is too strong, or your sun shading system will decide on its own how much sun to let into your rooms based on the intensity of the light and the time of day.

WAREMA offers extensive solutions and reliable control systems for intelligent building automation. With these you can network products from WAREMA and smart technology of other manufacturers comfortably to an intelligent home network. With WMS WebControl, the clever radio solution for retrofitting, you have your household safely under control, for example via smartphone, tablet or your web browser. The WAREMA climatronic® always guarantees you a perfect feel-good climate and, thanks to the intelligent use of your sun shading system, reduces your need for heating and cooling energy. Our products based on the global standard KNX, which you can use to meet almost any automation requirement, offer you the greatest possible freedom in building automation – for minimal energy costs with maximum comfort and the greatest possible safety in your own four walls.

Can I use my smartphone to operate my sun shading system? How can I automate my home? Can I add WMS components to the network later on? You'll find answers to these and other questions in our Smart Home FAQs.

An intelligent building based on the control systems and solutions of WAREMA for building automation pleases you with the highest level of comfort, safety and low energy consumption. Simply connect your smart housing technology to an intelligent home network, and this will partly reduce your everyday duties or even get rid of them completely. Ensure safety with the presence simulator for safety or benefit from always having the perfect indoor temperature that controls your technology for building automation automatically independent of weather conditions.

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