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Slat roof Lamaxa
Sun and weather protection

White slat roof

WAREMA slat roofs are made to measure. That means you'll always get the right solution for your patio.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy superior material quality and perfect functionality.

Simple operation

Operate the slats, lighting, vertical shading or radiant heater with extreme ease using a hand-held transmitter or smartphone.

Variety of colours

Enjoy a variety of trendy colours to choose from – whether it's subtle or eye-catching, there's something to match every patio and facade.

All Lamaxa slat roofs at a glance

Slat roof Lamaxa L50

Free-standing or attached
Flexible open space with a max. shading area of 27 m²

Includes motor-controlled, pivotable slats as a special feature. This solution delivers a basic design with a slender look.

A number of extra features are available to turn the Lamaxa into your own personal refuge.

Slat roof Lamaxa L60

Flexible open space with a max. shading area of 28.75 m²

Reliable, wind-stable weather protection with pivotable slats

With our wide range of extra features, you can customise your slat roof to suit your individual needs

Slat roof Lamaxa L70

Additional living space with max. 28.75 m² of shaded area

Year-round weather protection and a perfect climate, even on hot days

Slats can be tilted, retracted and extended – all by radio control

Slat roof Lamaxa L60 Free

Complete integration into existing structures like concrete rings

Stylish design provides excellent air circulation to ensure a pleasant climate, even on hot days

Weather protection
Reliable weather protection with pivotable slats

Slat roof Lamaxa L70 Free

Roof can be seamlessly integrated into existing structures.

Enjoy an unimpeded view of the sky thanks to pivotable and manoeuvrable slats.

Can be top-mounted or directly integrated into the reveal.

Weather protection with award-winning quality

Lamaxa_video_slat roof_WAREMA_small

Your convertible-top sun and weather protection

Looking for an elegant shading solution for your open space that also provides protection against rain? Our beautiful new Lamaxa slat roofs make it possible. You'll enjoy an exclusive product that opens up plenty of room for your individual design wishes thanks to the wide variety of colours and various different features available.

The difference is in the features

Pivotable and manoeuvrable slats

Maximum flexibility

The Lamaxa slat roof gives you complete control of your sunlight experience. Enjoy the convertible-top effect with fully manoeuvrable slats. If the sun's rays get too strong, you can regulate the incidence of light exactly as you desire – and can even close the slats completely for a weather-proof covering.

Control using WMS app or remote control

Comfort at the press of a button

Control your Lamaxa with WMS WebControl pro. You'll benefit from a control system that you can retrofit and expand whenever you need to. Operation using Alexa, the voice-control system from Amazon, is also possible. This means you can conveniently control slats, awnings, lighting, heating, and much more.

Weather-dependent control with WMS Weather station plus

Ready for any kind of weather

With the WMS Weather station plus, you can control your Lamaxa based on ambient conditions. The weather station detects precipitation, wind speed, brightness and icy conditions and ensures that your slat roof automatically closes when it rains, for example.

Integrated dimmable LED strips

Lighting full of atmosphere

The integrated LED strips can be individually controlled thanks to the WMS dimmer. They can be installed horizontally and/or vertically to provide the perfect lighting atmosphere in the evening as either a direct or indirect light source.

Outdoor comfort with a radiant heater

Cosy warmth

Even if the weather abruptly changes and you're caught off guard by a sudden drop in temperature, the infrared short-wave radiator (in a colour matching your Lamaxa), featuring tinted glass ceramic and an output of 2,200 watts, allows you to enjoy yourself under the slat roof for even longer.

High-grade sliding glass elements

Transparent protection

Lateral sliding glass elements (like the SL 20 sliding system from Solarlux) offer additional transparent protection against wind and cold weather, all while preserving a clear view outside.

Rain gutter for water drainage

Integrated rain protection

The drainage gutters integrated in the poles provide controlled draining. This allows rain and melted snow to drain off without affecting you from above or the side, meaning that you'll stay dry at all times!

Outstanding weather resistance and load-bearing capacity

In wind, rain or snow

When they are closed, Lamaxa slat roofs have a max. permissible snow load of 50 kg/m². The roof's complete range of functions is available again once the snow has fully melted. These roofs also withstand loads of up to 230 kg/m² at the maximum size of 6.0 x 4.5 m.

Integrated outdoor power socket in the pole

Guaranteed connection

To make sure that all your needs are fully covered under your Lamaxa slat roof, you have the option of equipping it with an outdoor power socket, which includes a weatherproof hinged cover. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen, electric grill or audio system – you'll never be without power.

Frequently asked questions about slat roofs