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Your convertible sun and weather protection

The Lamaxa slat roof, made in Germany, sets high standards in technology, quality and design. With the pivotable and manoeuvrable slats, the extremely high weather resistance and the many smart optional features, you can experience top class outdoor living!

Slat roof Lamaxa L60

Slat roof Lamaxa L60

Exactly as much sun as your favourite place in the garden needs: The slat tilting function on the new Lamaxa L60 gives you precise control of the amount of sun to be enjoyed. When the slats are closed, the slat roof offers reliable weather protection and sun shading. And attractive equipment variants create a genuine place where you can live out and feel in!


Slat roof Lamaxa L70

The Lamaxa L70 not only creates a brilliant optical impression, it is functional too. It offers a place to retreat and relax in the midday sun or shelter from the rain. This solution offers a new and highly flexible outdoor feel-good spot almost all year round: The slats can be tilted, and also - unlike the Lamaxa L60 - retracted and extended, by remote control!

Configure your Lamaxa slat roof

Configure slat roof L60

Configure Lamaxa slat roof L60

Maximum length: 6.00 m
Maximum width: 4.50 m
Pivotable slats: ✓
Moveable slats X

Configure slat roof L70

Configure slat roof L70

Maximum length: 6.00 m
Maximum width: 4.50 m
Pivotable slats: ✓
Moveable slats ✓

Slat roof, white

WAREMA slat roofs are made to measure. That means you always get the right solution for your patio.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy the highest quality of materials and perfect functionality.

Easy operation

Many years of experience constantly lead to optimisations. The result: high levels of comfort and long-lasting joy.

Variety of colours

Discreet, conspicuous, matching the patio and facade in every case – enjoy the variety of trendy colours for your selection.

The Lamaxa slat roof - simply fantastic

Manoeuvrable slat roof

Pivotable and manoeuvrable slats

Maximally flexible

The Lamaxa slat roof gives you full control of how much sun you see. Enjoy the convertible effect with the completely manoeuvrable slats. If the sun rays become too strong, the incidence of light can be regulated to your exact wishes - including complete weather-proof closing of the slats.

Smart slat roof

Control via WMS app or remote control

Comfort at the press of a button

Control your Lamaxa with the WMS WebControl pro. You will benefit from a control that you can retrofit and expand at any time. Operation via Alexa, the voice control system from Amazon, is also possible. This means you can conveniently control slats, awnings, lighting, heating, and much more.

Weather-proof slat roof

Weather-dependent control with WMS Weather station plus

Equipped for all weather

With the WMS Weather station plus, you can control your Lamaxa according to environmental influences. The weather station records precipitation, wind speed, brightness and icy conditions and ensures that your slat roof is closed automatically when it rains, for example.

Lighting for a slat roof

Integrated, dimmable LED strips

Illumination with atmosphere

The integrated LED strips can be individually regulated with the WMS dimmer. They can be used horizontally and/or vertically and provide the perfect lighting mood in the evening as either direct or indirect lighting.

Slat roof with heating

Stay comfortable thanks to a radiant heater

Cosy warmth

Even if the weather suddenly changes and you are surprised by a drop in temperature, with the infrared short wave radiator (in a colour matching your Lamaxa) with tinted glass ceramic and a power of 2,200 Watts, you can enjoy yourself under your slat roof for even longer.

Slat roof with sliding glass elements

High-grade sliding glass elements

Transparent protection

Lateral sliding glass elements (e.g. sliding system SL 20 from Solarlux) offer additional transparent protection from wind and cold, while still allowing a clear view outside.

Slat roof with rain gutter

Rain gutter for water draining

Integrated rain protection

The drainage gutters integrated in the poles drain water in a controlled manner. Both rain and melted snow flow away, so that you aren't affected from above or the sides, and can stay dry at all times!

Snow slat roof

High weather resistance and load-bearing capacity

In wind, rain, snow

Lamaxa slat roofs have a permissible snow load of max. 50 kg/m² when closed. The full functionality will be available again after the snow has fully melted. They also withstand a load of up to 230 kg/m² in the maximum size of 6.0 x 4.5 m.

Slat roof power socket

Integrated external plug socket in the pole

Connection guarantee

To ensure that you have everything you need with your slat roof, it can be equipped with an external socket on request which includes a weather protection hinged lid. Whether it be an outdoor kitchen, electric grill or sound system, you always have electricity.

WAREMA Configurator

Interactive experience of sun shading – go into your living room, kitchen or on the patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

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