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Fall protection VisioNeo
Fall prevention with an optimal view out

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Your WAREMA integrated fall protection VisioNeo

Construction limit values
Min. width: like min. width for sun shading product and/or VisioNeo Single 350 mm, max. width: 2,500 mm
Top-mounted external venetian blinds / roller shutters for new buildings, front-mounted external venetian blinds / awnings / roller shutters R6/V6, external venetian blind / awning window systems, or as VisioNeo Single (without a sun shading system)
Supplementary accessories
Insect screen can be integrated and retrofitted
Technical note
For installation outside of Germany, country-specific regulations must be observed

Installation videos for fall protection VisioNeo

VisioNeo for external venetian blinds

More safety in perfect combination

This video shows the installation of an external venetian blind window system with integrated fall protection VisioNeo. See how the guidance elements, the window pane and external venetian blinds are professionally mounted to the window frame in accordance with the general building inspectorate test certificate.

Installation video for external venetian blinds

VisioNeo for roller shutters

All-round safety and protection

In this video, we'll demonstrate how to install a front-mounted roller shutter with the integrated fall protection VisioNeo from WAREMA. See how the guide elements, glass pane and roller shutter are professionally mounted to the window frame in accordance with the German test certificate for building products or construction designs.

Installation video for roller shutters

WAREMA Configurator

Experience interactive sun shading systems – go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

Fall protection VisioNeo - infographic downloadable as a PDF

WAREMA VisioNeo 5 infographic 1
WAREMA VisioNeo 5 infographic 2
WAREMA VisioNeo 5 infographic 3
WAREMA VisioNeo 5 infographic 4
WAREMA VisioNeo 5 infographic 5