Battery-operated emergency retraction set
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Einbausituation Jalousie-Kasten






Slat colours

Colour, aluminium parts


  1. Main motor
  2. Auxiliary motor
  3. Tilting tape
  4. Lifting tape
  5. Slats
  6. Plug-and-socket connection for motor
  7. Helu cable for auxiliary motor
  8. Plug-in connection for incremental encoder


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Guidelines for the battery-operated emergency retraction set

Model Variant Forwarding
Battery-operated emergency retraction set guidelines Send document link


Description Valid from Forwarding
akkugestütztes Notraff-Set - Checkliste für die Inbetriebnahme 12.2019 Send document linkSend document link
Description Valid from Forwarding
Commissioning agreement for specialist dealers Send document link
Handover report Send document link

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