Red Dot Design Award 2022

Thanks to its clean design, straight lines and clear shapes, cubist building architecture is now more popular than ever.

With its innovative Zetra slat for external venetian blinds and the smooth A 37 roller shutter profile, leading SunLight Manager WAREMA is now offering two perfectly matched solutions for a consistent, clean-line facade look and superior living comfort. Day or night.

You'll enjoy a huge array of design options, simple installation, and excited customers.

The new Zetra slat harmonically adapts to the facade with its linear geometry and ensures effective dim-out in addition to optimal heat protection, glare control and visual privacy – at any time of the day or year.

What benefits does the new slat offer?

  • Modern, aesthetic facade design
  • Huge colour selection – which even includes four matt surface finishes
  • Durability thanks to proven WAREMA quality
  • Outstanding wind stability
  • Improved dim-out performance
  • Planning and installation the same as for existing external venetian blind systems

Thank to its smooth and clean appearance, the optimised A 37 shutter profile guarantees perfect interaction with the new Zetra slat. A design-oriented mini roller shutter curtain for striking optical accents on every facade.

What benefits does the new profile offer?

  • Perfect match for the Zetra slat
  • Smooth profile for a clean look
  • Optimal dim-out performance – ideal for sleeping areas
  • Perfect stability and winding behaviour of the roller shutter curtain
  • Can be used in all current WAREMA roller shutter systems

Colours for slats & profiles

Discover the WAREMA collection for external venetian blinds and roller shutters! With this, both sun shading solutions can also be perfectly combined visually.

The self-sustaining early warning system SenSigna from WAREMA detects unusual external venetian blind movements – for example in the event of an attempted break-in – and sounds an alarm via an acoustic signal (approx. 90 decibels). SenSigna also features an obstacle detection function for downward movement. Suitable for original equipment and as a retrofit solution for all standard WAREMA external venetian blinds.

The SenSigna acoustic signal transmitter for external venetian blinds is not only convincing in terms of security, but also design. The early warning system for burglary protection was awarded the popular iF Design Award 2022 in the category "Product - Building Technology".