Where sun meets tomorrow: This is the concept behind our invitation to you to experience at first hand the many sunlight design options we offer with our smart products and solutions. Experience our wide range of window systems products for new buildings and renovation projects. The innovations we have to show you during our trade fair appearances include an additional solar drive, new options for using our SecuKit and insect screens that cover larger areas than ever before.

In the outdoor living area, we will have the world premiere of our design awning, which we hope will inspire you. You will also have the opportunity to experience live the many innovations and developments covering all aspects of our Lamaxa L60 and L70 premium roof systems. You are also sure to be impressed by our free-standing sun shading and weather protection solution for large and small outdoor areas. The advanced features of our Omnexo bus system and our study on the Matter smart home standard add the finishing touches to our offering, together with brand new digital tools that will help your sales to grow.

Operate your roller shutters and window awnings using solar energy, without the need for a connection to the power grid. Advanced solar cells reduce the charging time and improve operation in dim light, while the increase in the efficiency of the battery technology allows for even more move cycles without charging the system. The installation does not involve any electrical connection work or wall openings. No line routing is needed. This makes the SolarKit ideal for energy efficiency improvement projects.

The new GrandSlide insect screen from WAREMA can now be used to provide reliable protection over large areas of glass. The side roller blind is ideal for use inside and outside on all types of windows and lift and slide doors. It can also easily be retrofitted. And the WAREMA VisionAir Maxi gauze ensures that you have a good view of the outside world.

Safe. Fast. Manual. With the WAREMA SecuKit manual control unit, an emergency route can be opened in just a few seconds, even in the event of a power failure – quickly, easily and reliably. The unit is available for motor-driven window awnings, roller shutters and external venetian blinds. Our SecuKit Maxi can also be supplied with a crank system for particularly large roller shutters.

Our elegant Terrea K55 cassette awning is the perfect addition to our range and meets the highest design standards. The oval cassette combines classic rounded forms with cube-shaped stylistic elements and blends harmoniously into any architectural style on both old and new buildings. The generous dimensions, which include a width of 5000 mm and a projection of 3000 mm, provide added flexibility. A variety of extras, including LED lighting, radiant heaters and WMS Wind sensors, add the finishing touches. This is outdoor living in premium style!

Temporary shading wherever it is needed: The new free-standing awning frame can be fitted with articulated arm, cassette or pergola awnings on one or two sides. The awning frame is installed on a concrete foundation or using the newly available weighting boxes. The free-standing awning is a flexible solution for the food service industry or for private homes.

For many years, the Lamaxa slat roof has been synonymous with quality, attractive design, technology and convenience. It has been continuously developed to ensure that it always meets the highest standards of premium living. The latest version of the Lamaxa L60/L70 is even simpler to install. In addition, the quality and the design have been improved even further. Inspire your customers with an outdoor living product in a class of its own – and some incomparable Lamaxa moments!

We are proud that WAREMA has once again won the Service Champions Award for customer service. The WAREMA service and repair experts provide a fast, simple and reliable service on-site, in the factory and during the commissioning of control systems. Visit our stand and discover the most comprehensive range of services in the industry, which will make your day-to-day work easier.

Two systems perfectly combined: with the new KNX converter WMS, sun shading products controlled via the WMS radio system can be easily integrated into a KNX system. Commands are transmitted to the KNX converter WMS via KNX and then relayed to the WMS receivers by radio. The system can still be operated and automated with a WMS transmitter and sensors. The fast and simple installation process makes the KNX converter the ideal solution for retrofitting and extending an existing KNX system.

The WAREMA Omnexo bus system can be used to control up to 500 sun shading products individually or 3000 products in groups via the app, push buttons, a PC or even on the move with the optional cloud function. Now 24 V actuators are available to enable the sun shading or window drives to be controlled with a 24 V DC system. In addition, floating actuators with four floating outputs can be supplied. The Omnexo system also has 12 freely definable modes which can be set to summer, winter or holiday closure mode, for example.