Whether in office and administrative buildings or working from home, a pleasant workplace atmosphere has a significant impact on the health, productivity and motivation of the people working there. Looking to stay highly focused as you work, without any disturbances? Want to make sure that your conference rooms don't get too warm? With internal venetian blinds from WAREMA, you can design your workplace exactly how you want it. Discover the unmatched range of possibilities that WAREMA venetian blinds offer!

WAREMA internal venetian blinds are made to measure. This means you always get the right solution for your rooms.

WAREMA internal venetian blinds are developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy superior material quality and perfect functionality.

You can also easily attach WAREMA internal venetian blinds at a later time.

Whether operating with a cord, crank or motor – WAREMA offers you all options entirely to your preferences.

Would you like to control the sunlight in your office space according to the time of day? With the internal venetian blinds from WAREMA, that's no problem. Choose between conventional window venetian blinds, glass profile venetian blinds for glare-free work, venetian blinds for exterior insulation and finish systems and partition wall systems or the Pure S venetian blind for multi-faceted shading. Are you looking for functional solutions for your construction project? If so, our custom-made venetian blinds can meet almost any requirement.

This product is an excellent choice for double-glazed windows and is installed between the window panes.

This venetian blind is directly attached to the profiles on which the window is installed in the frame.

The vertical louvre blind has vertical slats and is suitable for large windows and doors.

The internal venetian blind Select is especially versatile thanks to its wide selection of operating types and slat widths.

The venetian blind Pure S from WAREMA captivates with its simple yet very functional design.

Experience the range of colours in the WAREMA collection for internal venetian blinds. Use our Collection Assistant to shape your internal venetian blind to your wishes! We are offering you a large selection of trend designs and with it allowing you a high degree of individual creative freedom.

With WAREMA internal venetian blinds you can continuously control the incidence of sunlight and thus adapt it to your personal needs. Step into our virtual sun shading house and take a look at the WAREMA internal venetian blind. Do your want to just put your feet up and not worry about a thing? Find out more about our Smart Home solutions and make the most of the useful services provided by WAREMA, both when selecting your product as well as during your purchase and beyond.

Easily and effortlessly find exactly the right internal venetian blinds to fulfil all your requirements with the help of the digital WAREMA configurator.

Operate your sun internal venetian blind and your entire home using intelligent controls - via the hand-held transmitter or an app.

Stay on the safe side and rely on Premium Service from WAREMA.

Discover the additional technologies and features for internal venetian blinds from WAREMA - Standardised WAREMA radio system (EWFS), WAREMA Mobile System (WMS), child safe operating variants in accordance with DIN EN 13120 and much more.

The standardised WAREMA radio system (EWFS) makes it possible to operate the internal venetian blinds conveniently by radio. It is ideally suited to retrofitting because the line routing is so uncomplicated.

The WAREMA Mobile System (WMS) makes it possible to control your internal venetian blinds by radio. The units can be controlled conveniently by hand-held or wall-mounted transmitter, so you can maintain an ideal room climate at all times.

Internal venetian blinds from WAREMA are available in child-safe models. Contact your WAREMA dealer for advice!

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

The venetian blind offers internal visual and sun protection, and also serves as a stylish accessory. Essentially, it consists of multiple slats which can be raised and lowered. Additionally, the position of the slats can be adjusted and with this, the incidence of light regulated. This way you can protect yourself from prying eyes, without completely blocking out the sun.

You can also get internal venetian blinds from WAREMA in special shapes, for example with sloped gable glazing:

They can also be mounted directly in the glass profile here. The slats can be moved and tilted in the rectangular area. They are operated using a cord/rod combination: the cord raises and lowers the blind. The slats are tilted using the acrylic rod. This operating type can be combined with different slat widths.

Internal venetian blinds from WAREMA are available in a huge range of operating types. Including:

1. Cord/cord operation
This venetian blind is raised and lowered using a cord, and it is tilted using a cord as well. This type of operation can be combined with various slat widths.

2. Ball chain operation
Raise, lower and tilt the slats using a single element: the ball chain. This model is available for different slat widths and top rails.

3. Crank operation
The slats are raised, lowered and tilted using a collapsible crank – especially suitable for large venetian blinds. This operating type can be combined with different slat widths and top rails.

4. Cord and tilt rod operation
The venetian blind is raised and lowered using a cord and tilted using an acrylic tilt rod. This operating type can be combined with different slat widths and top rails.

5. Motor drive
The venetian blind is operated by a built-in motor (24 V or 230 V) and can also be radio-controlled. The motor operation can be combined with different slat widths and top rails, and can be equipped with additional extras like central control systems from WAREMA.

DIN EN 13120 contains clear guidelines for providing protection against strangulation (child safe sun shading system). Our products have been converted to meet the new requirements and are thus available with fixed tension systems, shortened operating lengths, or tear-away systems. The child safe model can be ordered when specifying the operating length.

The following operating types offer you particular safety:

  • Basic roller blinds with centre pull operation
  • Pleated blinds with handle operation
  • Roller blinds with motor operation
  • Venetian blind with motor operation – control via EWFS Standardised WAREMA Radio System

If you prefer it simple and classic, a cord or ball chain solution is the one for you. A motor is more convenient, yet more expensive. You can control your internal venetian blinds from WAREMA in various ways:

  • 1. Pull cord / cord
  • 2. Ball chain
  • 3. Crank
  • 4. Motor

Every internal venetian blind from WAREMA is custom-made specifically to fit your individual needs. No two venetian blinds are the same. This is also true when it comes to their price. Please contact your local specialist dealer for more information. They'll be happy to assist you with finding the right visual privacy and glare control product.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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