Home Comfort with WAREMA
You decide how much of outside you want inside!

Look forward to a completely new lifestyle in your own four walls!

Guide daylight into the room with WAREMA external venetian
blinds according to your preferences and enjoy a unique lighting ambience and a real feel-good atmosphere – with maximum energy efficiency.

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Sun shading system solutions for your Home Comfort

External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds

Would you like to control the sunlight in your home according to the time of day? Create unique lighting effects and a real feel-good climate? With external venetian blinds from WAREMA, you ensure a real boost to your living quality and maximum energy efficiency.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Do you want to reliably protect your home against the sun and increase your living comfort and safety at the same time? Then we recommend our roller shutter solutions. They provide effective visual privacy and sun shading, reliable burglary and noise protection, and optimum thermal protection in the winter.

Window awnings

Window awnings

Are you looking for an effective sun shading system for your home but don't want to sacrifice on modern design and functional safety at the same time? Our solution: The aesthetic and wind-stable window awnings with their numerous designs, colours and available models.

Insect screen

Insect and pollen protection

Do you want to enjoy the balmy summer air while relaxing in your home? Then keep annoying pests like mosquitoes, wasps or pollen outside. With our innovative solutions, you can always breathe easy.

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