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The Inside trend colour charts consistently pick up on trend movements in design and society, thereby expanding the scope for realising creative living ideas.

The new comfort

The new comfort

This style world reflects times gone by and elegantly reinterprets them. Influences from the 60s and 70s can be seen, in particular in the colour nuances between cognac and brown, berry and aubergine, beige and olive. The deep, dark colour shades convey comfort and security. Authentic materials like stone, coloured marble and dark woods go with discreet art nouveau patterns with curved vines and plant motifs. Metallic highlights in gold and brass create a hint of opulence. The overall result is an elegant and harmonious ambience that is protected against glare and prying eyes thanks to colour-coordinated internal sun shading products.

People are the focus

People are the focus

In this style world, the entire interior design is focused on the essential aspect: people. They are in complete harmony with nature and design and are given the freedom to develop thanks to less furniture. The pleasant lightness in this ambience is achieved, among other things, by the bright pastel colours in subtle nuances, such as Jade, White, Grey, Light Blue and matt earthy colours. A textile sun shading system in the gentle trend colours supports the room's positive energy here. Furniture and accessories made of bright woods, concrete, porcelain, glass, clay, felt and silk also shape its character with their authenticity. And not to be forgotten: plants. This brings nature directly indoors.

The energy of colours

The energy of colours

The interior appears very assertive and creative in this style world. Strong colours let the room literally shine and they like to compete with each other in colour blocking. Here, sun shading products in vibrant colours can be used perfectly as effective design highlights, since they create cheerful colour surfaces as eye-catchers. Other options for attracting attention using colours include flashy sofa cushions, a colourfully painted wall or trendy individual items in the form of an armchair, chair, lamp or carpet. Important: The brimming colour frenzy is captured by puristic forms and clear lines. Gentle pastel shades also neutralise colourful experiments. This way, deliberate contrasts and diverse materials create a harmonious image.


Trend Magazine Inside

There are enough design options: Now it's time to get started and try out the latest colour trends for internal sun shading systems at home for yourself. The new Inside trend magazine, which you can download here, provides ideas and inspiration.

Always keeping track of the current trends and knowing what our customers want at an early stage: That is our goal. Using the current colour charts for the Inside Collection 2017/2018, we consistently pick up on the current colour, style and design trends for internal sun shading systems. The new colour charts are the result of intensive cooperation with trend researchers and scientists as well as countless talks with our market partners. With the new designs, we have our finger on the pulse and offer maximum design freedom.

Marion Fischer, Head of Marketing at WAREMA

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