Outdoor living à la carte

Expand your food service area and increase your profits. Attract new guests with the stylish appearance of your outdoor area. This includes a welcoming and inviting design, but also the highest standards of comfort and reliable, attractive weather protection. With the help of WAREMA you can create the perfect solution. Tailor-made to meet your customers' needs and to fit perfectly in your outdoor space.

Your guests are not the only ones who will benefit from a high-quality, long-lasting WAREMA sun shading and weather protection solution.

  • You can bring in additional business in any weather, which will increase your profits
  • You can create an appealing, high-quality outdoor area that will attract potential guests
  • We will provide you with comprehensive advice and individual plans for your project
  • With our extensive range of products, we can guarantee you the ideal solution for your food service business, which will ensure that your guests have a pleasant experience and lead to more satisfied customers
  • Our wide variety of colours and printed textiles will match the surroundings perfectly and enable you to customise your design
  • You can be sure of outstanding quality – made in Germany

You can create a comfortable outdoor area with WAREMA's solutions that provide sun shading and protection from the rain and wind. Plenty of accessories are available that will pay off for your business. For example, with Design radiant heaters and dimmable LED lighting you can give your guests an unforgettable evening and extend your outdoor season. From pergola and patio awnings, sun sails and parasols to modular roof systems – WAREMA provides everything you need to ensure the comfort of your guests.

Offer your guests the most attractive form of outdoor dining with a Lamaxa slat roof. Make every moment that your guests spend outdoors a special experience with the high-quality hospitality you offer. The large, modular roof made from aluminium slats that can be pivoted or retracted provides sun shading and weather protection for large groups of guests all year round.

The Lamaxa L50 View is an elegant glass roof that offers maximum transparency. The angled glass between the rafters gives the roof a cubic design. You also have the choice of range of awning systems that provide lateral and horizontal shading for your outdoor area.

Whether you are looking for a beautifully designed shading solution for hot summer days or year-round protection from the rain – the Lamaxa L50 Tex allows you to successfully expand your food service business. The Lamaxa L50 Tex is a fabric roof that comes in different designs. This guided fabric roof uses secudrive® technology and functions as a sun shade or as water-resistant roof with an integrated water drainage system, depending on your requirements.

Your guests will feel as though there is nothing between them and the sky. The Perea P70 pergola awning has innovative pleating technology and translucent fabrics to create this unique effect. The awning is also rain-proof and has excellent wind stability up to wind force 7, which makes outdoor living even more enjoyable.

The Perea P70 is a textile roof solution that meets the highest standards. It provides maximum wind and weather protection so that you can reliably plan events in a large outdoor area. The travelling profiles guarantee perfect fabric tension to control the flow of rainwater. The dimmable LED seat lighting mounted on the cross profiles creates a unique ambience – specially designed for the food service industry.

Your guests can enjoy your outdoor area whatever the weather with the Perea P60 pergola awning, which is both weatherproof and wind-stable. The rainproof fabric with integrated drainage openings and gutter, plus the drain in the post, allow for a controlled flow of rainwater.

Even in windy weather, your guests are guaranteed to feel comfortable in your outdoor area. This is made possible by the patented secudrive® system in the guide rails and the rigid reinforcement profile which result in a high level of wind stability. The Multicubes allow the roof to be installed without concrete foundations.

The Perea P40 pergola awning is a large, wind-stable sun shading system that gives you a maximum-size seating area and creates a special Mediterranean ambience.

The Perea P40 is a unique eye-catching feature that will attract guests' attention from a long way off. It consists of a high-quality textile sun shading system with poles and with fabric that is extended on a curved or straight guide rail. The Multicubes allow the roof to be installed without concrete foundations. It is now available as a WeatherEdition with weather-resistant fabric.

The elegant, light and airy premium sun shading system. Create the perfect atmosphere with the Sonea sun sail. A stylish maritime ambience, a sense of freedom, an outdoor oasis of peace and quiet and a high standard of comfort – the Sonea sun sail, a textile sun shading system for large areas, combines all of these things.

Versatile, functional, inspiring: the compact Terrea awnings offer everything you need for a reliable sun shading system in your outdoor area. They make an eye-catching feature either with a modern cubic design including a full cassette or as a classic open variant. You can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area.

Make sure that your guests are protected from the sun in your outdoor areas with CARAVITA sun shading solutions. We offer a wide range of parasols specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the food service and hotel industry which will provide reliable shade in your outdoor areas.

A professional roof solution often pays for itself much more quickly than you might expect. At your request , we will be happy to calculate when a weather protection solution for your business will pay for itself.

People love spending time outdoors. Particularly when they can enjoy good food and exclusive drinks. Hans-Wilhelm Renkhoff recognised this when he founded WAREMA in 1955. Today we are one of the leading suppliers of sophisticated SunLight Management solutions. Our innovative sun shading and weather protection products and our intelligent control systems result in sustainable solutions that create a genuine feeling of well-being and a higher quality of life – particularly in the food service industry.

In the middle of Weingarten near Ravensburg, Syrlin Speisewelt | MARKOS & KOSTBAR opened a very special kind of restaurant. On an area of 200 square metres, the variable Lamaxa L50 terrace roofing allows the gastronomy area to be used at almost any time of the year. The almost 4-metre high roof system with swivelling aluminium slats ensures the best comfort and creates a very special feel-good ambience. Enjoy sun and weather protection for the highest demands and immerse yourself in the 360C° panorama under the Lamaxa L50 star system.

With complete sophisticated, tailor-made solutions and concepts, we can create an attractive outdoor extension to your seating area that will be profitable for you. We produce individual designs to meet special requirements and offer a reliable service. Installing a high-quality sun shading and weather protection system in an outdoor area will provide guests with the best possible protection from sun, wind and rain, allowing restaurants, hotels, pubs, beer gardens and cafés to extend their outdoor season.

Benefit from our comprehensive experience in areas such as lighting, furnishings, radiant heaters, floor coverings and customised solutions – talk to us about your plans!

Inspiration for your outdoor area

stylish furniture and plants

with LED lighting

create an atmosphere of well-being

create an attractive overall picture

increase comfort levels

Customisation with your logo

Contact us at: gastronomie@warema.de. We will arrange an initial meeting on site, together with the specialist retailer in your region, to discuss your needs and identify the type of weather protection solution you need.

On request, we can produce technical drawings and visualisations to give you an accurate idea in advance of what your weather protection solution will look like. We will present the plans to you on site. Any changes that you request will be incorporated into the technical drawings.

Now your WAREMA specialised retailer will draw up a quotation based on the final implementation plan. After you have approved the quotation, your WAREMA specialised retailer will start work.

The specialist retailer is responsible for the logistics processes, the implementation of the commission and the professional installation of your weather protection solution by the agreed deadline. After this the construction project is handed over and accepted.

Benefit from our strengths. This is what makes WAREMA different:

  • Planning, support and implementation from a single source
  • Expertise: Tailor-made complete solutions, perfectly designed for your food service business
  • Quality: High-grade materials and constant quality assurance during the production process, combined with management expertise
  • Fast response times with a nationwide service network

The free WAREMA Designer app allows you to plan the sun shading system for your outdoor area in virtual form. Try it for yourself – the app is very easy to use! Configure your perfect sun shading solution.

You will only find that with us – the WAREMA design, planning and consultancy service. Large, complex roof systems for the food service industry require the highest standards of expertise in planning and implementation.

You can order the aluminium parts of your sun shading product in more than 200 stylish colours from the WAREMA and CARAVITA Colour World, depending on the model.

To ensure that your guests can still use your outdoor areas in the evenings, even when the temperature starts to drop, we supply WAREMA radiant heaters in different designs that allow guests to spend longer outside.

We offer a huge selection of weather-resistant and also weather- and rainproof acrylic fabrics for the textile components of our weather protection systems.

Permanently installed sun shading products can be fitted with LED strips or light rails. Both variants can be adjusted individually using a dimmer switch. You can choose anything from bright light to atmospheric ambient lighting to ensure that guests can enjoy long and relaxing evenings in your outdoor area.

Customise your sun shading system with your design or your logo. Our printing is highly UV-resistant and light-fast, which means that it is almost certain to be unaffected by the sun, wind or rain. Turn your weather protection system into a visible advertisement for your business.

WAREMA provides you with useful services when you are selecting and buying your product and, of course, once it is in use. We're happy to assist you throughout the entire product life of your sun shading system and even beyond. We guarantee that you will enjoy your first-class sun shading product for many years to come.

The perfect design solution: vertical shading in the form of awnings with easyZIP guidance. If the wind gets stronger, you can close up to three sides using the radio system. This creates a space for your guests with all-round protection, whatever the weather. The fabrics used are robust and the construction is extremely wind-stable.

The Multicube set consists of four gabions that stabilise the poles of your sun shading system and dispense with the need for a concrete foundation. It also allows you to create additional attractive seating or storage spaces for your outdoor area. In addition, the lifting mechanism makes it easy to position your parasol with the help of a pallet truck.

Lateral sliding glass systems (for example the SL20e sliding system from Solarlux) offer additional transparent protection against wind and cold weather.

Lateral sliding shutters with slats made from wood (larch) or aluminium are elegant design features. The aluminium shutters can be coated to match the frame or you can opt for a contrasting colour (CE marked).

The LED lighting integrated into the slats (L50) or in the form of all-round lighting on the crossbeams creates a very special atmosphere at dusk. The all-round lighting is also available as multicoloured ambient lighting (RGB).

With the WAREMA Smart Living packages, you can control your Outdoor Living products – they can be as smart as you want. Our Sonea sun sails, Lamaxa roof systems and Terrea and Perea awnings are now available with the control and connect Smart Living packages.

Find out all you need to know about made-to-measure weather protection solutions for the food service industry from WAREMA and CARAVITA.