Sun shading for the bedroom
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Sun shading solutions for your bedroom


External venetian blinds for the bedroom

External venetian blinds are the perfect solution if you'd like to enjoy daylight while protecting your privacy, and if you'd like to keep light out at night. Individually adjustable slats ensure that you can look outside, without letting anyone look in. External venetian blinds are also a real eye-catcher for the front of your house.


Internal venetian blinds for the bedroom

With the internal venetian blind's adjustable slats, you can individually control how much light you let into your bedroom. The wide range of colours offers you great freedom when designing your colour scheme. Easy and clean installation using adhesive profiles or clamping supports makes it possible to change the curtain at a later date.


Pleated blinds for the bedroom

Pleated blinds are individually customised to your needs, stylistic requirements and architectural conditions. Whether you need a rectangle, trapezoid, triangle or semicircle - almost anything is possible. Fabric qualities ranging from lightly transparent to completely opaque offer the perfect choice for all requirements.


Window awnings for the bedroom

A suitable sun shading system can help you make the most of your bedroom windows. With the right external window awning, fresh air and daylight can be combined perfectly with a nice view, glare control and energy efficiency.

Roller blinds for the bedroom

Whether in a single colour or patterned - roller blinds don't just belong in children's bedrooms. You can decide how much sunlight shines through by choosing slightly transparent or completely opaque fabrics. As all roller blinds are customised, almost any solution is possible. The word "impossible" isn't in our vocabulary!


Roller shutters for the bedroom

We all want to feel safe and comfortable in our bedrooms. External sun shading systems such as roller shutters ensure maximum energy efficiency. In summer, they absorb the heat of the sun before it reaches the window, and in winter they minimise heat loss. Roller shutters also provide effective protection against unwanted intruders.


Curtain panels for the bedroom

Are you only familiar with curtain panels from your doctor's office? As if! It can do so much more! Also suitable for use as discreet room dividers, these perfect privacy and sun shading systems are available in countless colours for straight or corner installation. Just making a decision is fun and hanging curtains in your bedroom becomes pure pleasure.


Insect screens for the bedroom

Especially in summer, you want to let fresh air into your bedroom, but you'd prefer to keep unwelcome insects outside. If you don't want to be kept awake at night by buzzing or bites, insect and pollen protection is the ideal solution. Whether for door or window frames, permanently or variably installed - everything is possible.


Printable fabrics for the bedroom

Printable roller blinds from WAREMA give you unimaginable creative scope. You can implement your decorative ideas and create a wholly individual atmosphere, and not just in the bedroom. Professional digital printing techniques are used to apply your personal templates to the printable roller blinds. Create your own wonderfully unique pieces.

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Daylight Management for the bedroom

You don't need to surf in your bedroom. But by choosing the right sun shading system from WAREMA, you can decide how much light and how much of the outdoors you let in to your bedroom.

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