The right tool not only speeds up installation, commissioning and repairs, it also ensures that work is completed in a safe and orderly fashion. This saves time and makes for satisfied customers. Take advantage of our wide selection of proven tools and aids – developed from real-life experience for real-world applications. So that your next service call is as easy as can be. Order the WAREMA helpers you need and make your daily workload a little lighter!

Specially designed for installing guide rail brackets

Easy to handle
Efficient pre-installation prep work
Position and drill
For all popular WAREMA guide rail brackets

Article number 2037778

Specially designed for installing cover panel brackets

Easy to handle
Efficient pre-installation prep work
Integrated spirit level
Versatile applications
For all common WAREMA brackets

Article number 2037777

Easy and secure installation of guide rail brackets

Hole spacing 70 mm, 90 mm and 160 mm
Easy to handle
Suitable for all transom and mullion facades
Perfect for installing conservatory awnings, window awnings, self-supporting external venetian blinds, and for special fastening situations

Article number 2021764

Flyer drilling jig

Quick check of move commands

Easy to handle
Compact, lightweight design
No other aids required
Integrated STAS 3 plug connector
Provides third-parties with proof that product is not the source of error

Article number 2037924