Asymmetrical roller shutters
The attractive solution

Solar drive

Use the power of the sun! Thanks to the optional solar drive for roller shutters, sustainable motorisation is also possible - completely without wall openings and line routings.

Emergency power supply kit

Your safety in the event of a power failure! The emergency power supply kit from WAREMA increases safety fully automatically and consists of a UPS and a special motor control unit.


The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World is available on all powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. Choose from the 3 colour categories "Highlight", "Variation" and "Individual". WAREMA offers you over 400 powder colours and up to 5 different surface qualities.

Installation details

Installation details

  1. Box: box extruded in 4 box sizes | box shapes: rectangular, round and square | closed on four sides, up to max. 2500 mm wide possible | side covers made of folded aluminium
  2. Inspection cover: extruded
  3. Guide rails: extruded, 56/68 x 25 mm | plastic sealing strip
  4. Roller shutter curtain: aluminium roller shutter profile (A 36) | profiles engaged in guide rail with rear hook | available in the colours RAL 9016, RAL 7035, RAL 7038, RAL 9006, RAL 1015 and W4800

Roller shutter curtain

Roller shutter curtain

Just two profiles remain visible when retracted.



Box does not protrude over the guide rails

Box shapes for asymmetrical roller shutter S6/S10

  • Extruded box in 4 box sizes
  • Box shapes: rectangular, round and square.
  • Closed on four sides with a maximum width of 2500 mm
  • Side covers made of folded aluminium

Solar drive (type S10)

Solar drive (type S10)

Thanks to its innovative solar drive, the roller shutter can also be mounted on existing structures later without any wall openings and line routing.


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Material Rollladenpanzer

Roller shutter curtain colour

more colours available



Colours of boxes/guide rails



Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.


Your WAREMA asymmetrical roller shutters

Construction limit values
max. width: 2500 mm | max. height: 3000 mm | max. area: 5.5 m2
Box sizes
14.5 | 16.5 | 18.5 | 20.5
Motor | Radio motor | Solar drive
Asymmetrical roller shutters

Sloped glazing?
Ideal solution!

Sloped glazing is especially common on modern building facades and requires special concepts for sun shading. WAREMA asymmetrical roller shutters are ideally suited for this.

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