Natural daylight makes for a good mood, does you good and ensures visibility at work. But sometimes sunlight can also be quite annoying – for example when holding presentations in conference or meeting rooms, for film screenings or in the laboratory when light is completely unwanted. With a black-out blind from WAREMA, you reliably block out daylight periodically in these cases. The range of solutions for blacking out rooms with black-out roller blinds stretches from vertical and ZIP to high-grade horizontal black-out blinds. The latter are perfectly suited to stopping solar radiation from above. Regardless of the model you choose, your WAREMA black-out roller blind is easy to operate, and there are models with an automatic drive that can even be operated comfortably at the press of a button. And when they're no longer needed, they can be hidden in their cassette until you want to use them again.

A black-out blind from WAREMA is the perfect choice for dimming-out rooms with sloped or horizontal glass surfaces on their ceilings. Simply choose a WAREMA horizontal black-out blind, and you'll make it impossible for any rays of light to enter your room from above.

This type of black-out blind is therefore ideal for blocking out skylights or light domes, for example. And thanks to the automatic drive of your horizontal black-out blind, this is even very easy to do: In this case it is enough to briefly press a button and the sunlight is left with no option but to stay out. With the optionally available WMS control system from WAREMA, even an automatic black-out blind is possible, or operation via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

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To black out rooms with large window areas, WAREMA offers you a vertical black-out blind and a model with ZIP guidance. Both versions allow you to reliably dim out indoor areas. Vertical black-out blinds can be provided with a rear ventilation profile on request. The ZIP black-out blind is particularly suited to slender facades and, thanks to its Minimax guide rails and its curtain without stiffener rods, it looks particularly classy. Both models can be operated automatically, and the vertical black-out blind manually as well.

Your WAREMA black-out blind is custom-made from high-grade materials. A precise production of the guide from aluminium according to your desired dimensions guarantees optimum integration into your indoor areas, high functionality and 100% light-proofing. Twelve different designs for the blind fabric of your black-out blind and various colour options for the metal parts ensure that your WAREMA black-out blind blends perfectly into your environment. Your black-out blind is also ideal in terms of fire protection: Three qualities of black-out blinds are available to choose from, and these are classified as non-flammable according to DIN 4102 A2 or flame resistant according to DIN 4102 B1. Each black-out blind from WAREMA is also infrared-proof and light-proof.

Roller shutters from WAREMA are intelligent, fully automated systems (on request) that reduce energy consumption, provide more comfort and offer additional security. Roller shutters even keep out noise from outside and unwelcome insects. They also offer effective protection against bad weather.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds, you can create an always-comfortable atmosphere in your home or office. The individually adjustable slat angle enables you both to control the incidence of sunlight how you want to and to protect against prying eyes.

Thanks to innovative Smart Home technology from WAREMA, sun shading systems, light, heating and household appliances, for example, can be intelligently networked and easily controlled via smartphone or completely automatically – for a true feel-good home.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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