Cassette roller blinds
Functional & uncomplicated

Your WAREMA cassette roller blinds

Construction limit values
max. width: 4000 mm | max. height: 6000 mm
Field of application
Vertical or sloped on request
Ball chain, crank, motor, centre pull or manual operation
Cassette roller blind ZIP

Cassette roller blind ZIP

The cassette roller blind ZIP is set apart from all other roller blinds by its unique zipper system between the fabric and guide rail. This guidance technology, combined with a blackout design, offers the best possible dim out effect.

Available from early 2019.

Cassette roller blind XS, cassette 33 x 33 mm

Cassette roller blind XS, cassette 33 x 33 mm

With a cassette size of just 33 x 33 mm, these roller blinds are the smallest cassette roller blinds we offer. Thanks to their compact design, they blend perfectly into any room situation and they can also be installed both in and on the glass profile.

Cassette roller blind S (round)

Cassette roller blind S (round)

With the WAREMA cassette roller blinds S (round) you can create attractive design accents. The roller blinds fit harmoniously into any interior design and also ensure effective protection against strong solar radiation.

Cassette roller blind S, cassette 40 x 40 mm

Cassette roller blind S, cassette 40 x 40 mm

Easy-to-operate technology and plenty of design options - with the WAREMA cassette roller blinds S with a 40 x 40 mm cassette, there are no limits to your creative living ideas.

Cassette roller blind S, cassette 60 x 60 mm

Cassette roller blind S, cassette 60 x 60 mm

WAREMA cassette roller blinds S with a 60 x 60 mm cassette can optimally shade your individual living spaces. With a virtually inexhaustible colour and fabric selection you can create your personal feel-good space and protect yourself for example against prying eyes.

Cassette roller blind M, cassette 90 x 90 mm

Cassette roller blind M, cassette 90 x 90 mm

With a cassette size of 90 x 90 mm, the roller blinds M are the perfect solution to the need for both large dimensions and small cassettes. They also allow you to dim your living areas with the option of special guide rails.

Cassette roller blind L, cassette 115 x 115 mm

Cassette roller blind L, cassette 115 x 115 mm

With a cassette measuring 115 x 115 m, these roller blinds offer plenty of room for a large curtain. They also allow you to dim your living areas with the option of special guide rails.

The Comfort package

The Comfort package

The attractive comfort package is perfectly suited to when roller blind units are used for shading glass surfaces or glass facades. Thanks to the specialised, easy-to-integrate support spring, large-area roller blinds can also be very easily operated with the ball chain. A real asset in terms of comfort.

Available for bracket roller blinds M and L (as standard) and for cassette roller blinds M and L (as standard).

Package contents: metal gear, support spring

The whisper package

The whisper package

The very quiet whisper package is particularly suited to large office spaces so that concentration is no way disturbed even when the cassette roller blinds are lowering. Loud noises from raising and lowering the roller blind are reduced to a minimum using special noise-reducing components. You can therefore hardly hear it as it moves to the desired position, allowing you to continue concentrating on your work without being distracted.

Available for cassette roller blinds L.

Package contents: dampened motor head retainer


Just to be safe – Child-safe sun shading systems

The revised DIN EN 13120 has come into force
This gives clear specifications regarding protection against strangulation.
Our products have been converted to meet the new requirements and are thus available with fixed tension systems, shortened operating lengths, or tear-away systems.
The child safe model can be ordered when specifying the operating length.
Specialist dealers can find additional information on the topic of "child-safe sun shading systems" in the partner section after logging in.

The following operating types offer you particular safety:

  • Basic roller blinds with centre pull operation
  • Pleated blinds with handle operation
  • Roller blinds with motor operation
  • Venetian blind with motor operation – control via EWFS Standardised WAREMA Radio System


WAREMA Collection Assistant

Experience the range of colours and fabrics in the WAREMA collections. Use our Collection Assistant to shape your sun shading product to your wishes! We offer you a wide range of trend designs and allow you a high degree of individual creative freedom.

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