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External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds allow you to enjoy daylight and privacy in equal measure. You can do more than create a feel-good atmosphere in your living room. Individually adjustable slat angles allow you both to control the incidence of sunlight as you wish and to protect against prying eyes.

Bedroom roller shutter renovation

Roller shutters

We all want to feel safe and comfortable in our own homes. External sun shading systems such as roller shutters ensure maximum energy efficiency. In summer, they absorb the heat of the sun before it reaches the window, and in winter they minimise heat loss. Roller shutters also provide effective protection against unwanted intruders.

Window awning renovation

Window awnings

Window awnings are a functional and attractive outdoor shading solution. The fabrics used are extremely robust and weather-resistant. Stable guide rails, such as the especially wind-stable ZIP guidance, guarantee long-term functionality. Window awnings are specially tailored to your needs.

Renovation and modernisation with window exchange


Front-mounted solution

for external venetian blinds, roller shutters and window awnings

  • Various cover panel shapes create visual highlights on the facade
  • Perfectly combinable with other sun shading solutions
  • Optionally with insect screen


Window system solutions

suitable for external venetian blinds and window awnings
  • Ideal for integration in the EIFS
  • Small installation depth
  • Optionally with insect screen


In-shaft system solutions

for external venetian blinds, roller shutters and window awnings

  • Use of existing on-site in-shaft openings
  • Easy and quick installation

Renovation and modernisation without window exchange


Top-mounted solution

for external venetian blinds, roller shutters and window awnings

  • Window and sun shading system from a single source
  • Optionally with insect screen

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