Sun protection automation
Planning and installing intelligent solutions

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WAREMA for electricians

Active SunLight Management

Through clever functions, WAREMA control systems enable active SunLight Management, which not only significantly increase energy efficiency but also improve user friendliness.

Networking and room automation

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Smart Building Solutions

WAREMA is happy to support you in your electrical planning - Use our digital services or get personal advice from our experts.

This is how intelligent networking works!
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Smart Home solutions

Clever control systems

With WAREMA control systems, you always have the perfect Smart Home solutions at hand – whether through simple retrofitting, during renovation work or in new buildings.

Use the power of the sun - Save energy with intelligent sun shading

Energy efficiency

Use the power of the sun

Smart Home automation is able to create a pleasant room climate while saving energy for heat and power at the same time. The automated sun shading system plays a key role here.

Electrical services from WAREMA

System optimisation

Service from WAREMA

Use WAREMA services and create a perfect room climate at all times with an optimal coordination of sun shading system and control solutions.