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Operating and installation instructions, circuit and schematic diagrams, software and much more – everything you need to simplify your planning can be found here.

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Our instruction videos guide you through all of the steps necessary for programming and commissioning EWFS and WMS WAREMA radio systems.

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The Smart programming cable is a useful tool

Programming cable

The innovative tool makes setting the drive limit positions child's play and the excess of programming cables and instructions unnecessary.

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Optimisation of controls - WAREMA service


Use WAREMA services and create a perfect room climate at all times with an optimal coordination of sun shading system and control solutions.

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Made in Germany

Damit wir Ihnen dauerhaft höchste Qualität gewährleisten können, entwickeln und produzieren wir unsere Steuerungssysteme in Deutschland.


WAREMA offers the perfect control system for every requirement - from radio-controlled solutions in family homes, to central control systems and bus systems in large buildings.


WAREMA solutions use innovation and functionality to provide active SunLight Management, and with over 25 years of experience guarantee perfect coordination between sun shading and control systems.

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Slat tracking WAREMA - YouTube

Slat tracking

Ideal for glare-free daylight

  • The control system tracks the position and angle of the sun and moves the slats accordingly
  • Diagonal beams of sunlight are taken into consideration
  • Ideal for working without glare
  • Makes maximum use of daylight
  • Minimal cooling load
  • Manual correction of slat angle by user is not necessary
  • Prerequisite for efficiency class A and B as per VDI 3813-2 and DIN EN 15232
  • Possible with: WAREMA climatronic®, KNX, LonWorks®, BAline

Cut-Off for WAREMA external venetian blinds


Sunlight used optimally

  • Cut-Off designates the ideal slat position, which prevents direct sunlight but lets in enough diffuse daylight to light the room
  • The slat angle varies with the weather and time-dependent position of the sun
  • Manual tilting of slats by the user beyond the Cut-Off is not possible.
  • Guarantees optimal energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial light and air conditioning
  • Possible with: LonWorks®

Shading correction with WAREMA

Annual shading

In the right light at any time

  • Shadows in environment taken into consideration (e.g. in courtyards or cast by neighbouring buildings)
  • Calculation of shadows for each individual window at all times of the day and the year
  • The sun shading system behaves as if each sun shading product possesses a sun sensor
  • Ideal supplement to slat tracking
  • Increased user acceptance by avoiding unnecessary movements of the sun shading system
  • Decentralised storage on the motor control units ensures high reliability and a minimal load on the bus line
  • Prerequisite for efficiency class A and B as per VDI 3813-2 and DIN EN 15232
  • Possible with: KNX, LonWorks®, BAline

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