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Increase energy efficiency

Increase energy efficiency

Building certificates are the determining proof of quality in sustainable construction. With WAREMA sun shading systems you put your building certification on a sound basis when you want to increase the energy efficiency of your building and thereby enhance the environmental sustainability of your project. Be it an external or internal sun shading system - at WAREMA, all products have Green Building product declarations that give you information about how and to what extent WAREMA sun shading systems contribute towards achieving the rating points - e.g. when using resources sustainably. This makes your building certificate transparent and plannable - both for you and the property developer.

Use sun and light sustainably

Use sun and light sustainably

Sustainable energy management begins with the intelligent use of light and heat. This is why sun shading systems from WAREMA play a key role in the building certification. Because WAREMA products have been proven to ensure lower heat radiation in winter and an efficient use of natural light, which can reduce the current consumption for lighting, particularly in office buildings. With the "features" of the DGNB, every WAREMA product has proof of its contribution towards building certification. This way you see at a glance how many points which sun shading system in which category contributes to your building certification. In the following you will find the product declarations under the corresponding download link.


Green Building product declarations of our products to download

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