As soon as your Lamaxa is installed, you will notice that it's much more than a slat roof - it's a place to create unforgettable outdoor memories. Unique. Personal. Inspiring. We've brought together our relentless pursuit of quality, aesthetics, technology and comfort for this very moment: your Lamaxa Moment.

A Lamaxa from WAREMA gives your design concepts free rein and amazes with technical perfection and innovative ideas. You can attach the models to the wall of your house or place them free-standing on your property. Use the WAREMA Configurator to individually configure your made-to-measure slat roof.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, our Lamaxa slat roofs are high-grade custom-built products – made exactly as you want them. When you're planning your order and choosing from the numerous available features, our qualified partners are happy to assist you with help and advice. What are you waiting for?