As the proud owner of a balcony, you know how wonderful it is to enjoy the fresh air and the view. But nothing can spoil the atmosphere as quickly as insects flying into your room through the open balcony door and annoying you with their buzzing or even stinging you. Fortunately there is a simple and effective solution available: Insect screens for balcony doors. In this guide we show you how insect screens on your balcony door can help you to keep insects out and create an insect-free environment on your balcony.

High-grade insect screens on balcony doors have a number of advantages. They keep unwanted insects out and can also provide effective protection against pollen and fine dust. This means that you can let fresh air into your living room whenever you want. In our guide to insect screens for balcony doors you can find out which insect screen door is best for your balcony and which factors you need to consider.

  • An insect screen on your balcony door protects you from the irritating buzzing noises made by mosquitoes and flies and from their stings and bites in your living room and bedrooms.
  • High-grade insect screens allow the air to circulate freely. You can leave your balcony door open to let fresh air into your home while keeping insects out.
  • Insect screens also provide a certain amount of protection against dirt and dust. You can prevent leaves, pollen and other debris from getting into your rooms, which helps to keep your home clean.

The way that insect screens work is very simple, but also highly effective. They are made from a fine mesh that is designed to keep insects out while allowing the air to flow freely. The holes in the mesh are small enough to stop insects getting through, but large enough to let the air and the light in. The mesh is a tough, durable material designed to withstand daily use. It is also resistant to UV rays which means that it provides protection against sun damage and is very long-lasting. WAREMA insect screens can be attached to the balcony door in a number of different ways. They can be permanently fixed, movable or folding. In every case, they provide reliable protection against insects and, at the same time, allow the door to be opened and closed easily.

  • Insect screen pleated blind: An insect screen for a balcony door that takes up very little space and is ideal for small balconies. The pleated blinds can be opened and closed crosswise.
  • Swivel frame insect screen: These insect screens have frame that is fastened to the door and can be opened outwards. They provide a larger opening and can be adapted to meet your needs.
  • Sash frame insect screen: This type of insect screen has a frame that is fastened to the door and you can slide the fixed insect screen sideways. They make it easy to open and close the door and also offer protection against insects.
  • Insect screen swinging door: This type of insect screen consists of a door that can be opened inwards or outwards. This is particularly practical if you need to use your balcony door often.

From versatile swivel doors and space-saving insect screen pleated blinds to insect screen swinging doors and sliding doors for large entrances – a balcony door with an insect screen from WAREMA will improve your quality of life.

The magnetic catch for the insect screen swivel door seals reliably and the kick profile also protects the lower section of the gauze. A pet door can be fitted to this type of balcony door insect screen.

The insect screen swinging door is easy to operate even when your hands are full. The door automatically swings back to starting position. The cross rail with the integrated handle rail is a stabilising feature of the swinging door.

The insect screen sliding door, sometimes also called a sash frame, takes up very little space as it slides along your wall. It is available in one- and two-wing models for large panes of glass and floor-to-ceiling windows. A convenient solution for large balcony windows that takes up very little space.

You can protect yourself effectively against annoying insects even if you have a small patio or balcony. The insect screen door with a pleated blind can be moved horizontally and disappears into the frame to save space.

Before you choose an insect screen for your balcony door, there are several important factors to take into consideration:

  • Size of the balcony door: Measure your balcony door carefully to make sure that the insect screen will fit perfectly. Check that it can be opened and closed easily.
  • Type of insect screen: Decide which type of insect screen best fits your balcony door. Take into consideration your personal preferences and the functions that you need.
  • Material and quality: Choose high-grade materials which are durable and tough. For example, the insect screen should also be resistant to UV rays which makes it very long-lasting.
  • Price: Compare the prices of different insect screens at a specialised retailer near you and choose a solution that meets your requirements. Remember that quality and longevity are more important than the price alone. With tailor-made quality products such as the insect screens for balcony doors from WAREMA, plus the advice and installation and sales services provided by a specialised retailer, you can't go wrong!

To extend the service life of your insect screen balcony door, you should clean and maintain it regularly. Here are some hints for looking after your insect screen: Remove dust and dirt regularly using a vacuum cleaner on a low setting or a soft brush.

If necessary, you can wash the insect screen with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents, as they can damage the mesh. Check the condition of the insect screen regularly and repair any minor damage immediately. If the damage is more significant, you should replace the insect screen.

Insect screens for balcony doors from WAREMA are available from a range of specialised retailers. One simple way of finding the right insect screen for your balcony door is to search for a retailer near you. Visit their websites or contact them directly for information about the available options and the prices.

Insect screens for balcony doors are an excellent way of keeping insects out and creating a pleasant, insect-free environment in your home. They provide protection against irritating bites, stings and buzzing noises, allow the air to circulate freely and prevent dirt, pollen and dust from entering your home. When choosing an insect screen, you should take into consideration the size of your balcony, the type of insect screen, the material and the type of operation. Remember to clean your insect screen regularly to extend its service life. With WAREMA insect screens for balcony doors, you can enjoy your home without annoying insects but with plenty of fresh air.

Find out how insect screens can improve your quality of life! In our insect screen guide, you will find everything you need to know about our insect and pollen protection products, from choosing the right solution to keeping the screens clean.