Daylight determines the rhythm of our lives. All the better if you can control it according to your own needs. Regardless of whether you want to illuminate your living spaces brightly or need to concentrate on work - with external venetian blinds from WAREMA, you can let light into your home according to your wishes. But that's not all: When it's cold, WAREMA external venetian blinds improve thermal insulation and save up to 30% heating energy. So not only do you enjoy a better quality of life thanks to outstanding looks and reliable functionality - you can also stay completely relaxed when it comes to energy costs.

With the large number of sun shading solutions we offer for windows and facades, you'll find the right solution for any new building and all modernisation and renovation projects. That's how you get home comfort with WAREMA.

Enjoy WAREMA home comfort from morning to night! Experience a sunny day with highest level of living comfort. Intelligent, automatically controlled sun shading has an impact on people's quality of life and on the energy efficiency of buildings. Solutions from WAREMA create a true atmosphere of enjoyment – with daylight to your liking.

Would you like to plan your own home comfort? The WAREMA Configurator is a tool that lets you interactively experience our solutions for a home with sunlight as you'd like it.

With it's clean linear geometry, the new 80 Z slat blends in wonderfully with any facade. They offer optimal heat protection, glare control and visual privacy, impress with a greatly improved dim-out and high wind stability. And when you close the slats, your external venetian blind imitates a roller shutter, creating a unified appearance for your facade. Day and night.

Want to just put your feet up and not worry about a thing? With Smart Home, these dreams will come true. Thanks to innovative technology, sun shading, lighting, heating and household appliances, for example, can be intelligently networked and easily controlled via smartphone or completely automatically – for a true feel-good home.

External venetian blinds offer the user advantages even in view of rising energy and gas costs. They provide energy-efficient visual privacy that ensures a pleasant indoor climate at any time of day. In summer, the slats of the external venetian blind intercept the heat of the sun in front of the window so that the sun's rays do not even make it inside – this saves energy for cooling the room and creates thermal comfort. In cold weather, the heat insulation is increased, creating a feel-good atmosphere and reducing heating costs. In combination with automated product solutions, the use of external venetian blinds not only improves personal well-being, but also contributes to energy efficiency.

A room's ambience changes with the daylight. The cool, pale rays of the morning sun paint a different picture of light and shadow than the bright light at noon and the vividly coloured rays from the low evening sun. The time of day and the season create the mood. It is all the more important to be able to decide for yourself how much daylight suits your personal well-being.