Did you know that light has a huge influence on our well-being? WAREMA external venetian blinds create the perfect lighting atmosphere in every room. But that's not all: thanks to effective temperature regulation, you can significantly reduce your energy costs!

The right lighting atmosphere can lift your mood and makes you more productive.

Reduce your energy costs and minimise your CO2 footprint.

More privacy and protection in your own home.

Control your venetian blinds easily via the app on your smart phone.

Energy saving made easy: WAREMA external venetian blinds improve heat insulation and save up to 30% heating energy.

Natural light, full control: Enjoy an optimal lighting atmosphere at any time of day for more productivity, more comfort and more well-being.

Smart and functional: With our Smart Home components, you can conveniently control your venetian blinds via your smartphone or tablet.

Safety and privacy: Your home should be a place where you feel safe and secure. Our external venetian blinds protect you from prying eyes and can be equipped with a burglar alarm.

Sustainable modernisation: With our external venetian blinds, you are taking an important step towards an environmentally conscious future. Energy-efficient renovation increases the value of your property and allows you to benefit from lower energy costs in the long term.

Practical and stylish: Our external venetian blinds not only offer the best functionality, but also impress with their modern aesthetics.

In summer, the slats of the external venetian blind intercept the heat of the sun in front of the window so that the sun's rays do not even make it inside – this saves energy for cooling the room and creates thermal comfort. In cold weather, the heat insulation is increased, creating a feel-good atmosphere and reducing heating costs. In combination with automated product solutions, the use of external venetian blinds not only improves personal well-being, but also contributes to energy efficiency.

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Only the best advice: Arrange a personal consultation with a specialised retailer near you and find the optimal sun shading system solution for your home.

Individual design: Choose your favourite slats from a wide range of colours.

Enjoy your new external venetian blinds: Your individual venetian blinds will be professionally assembled by the specialised retailer.

Enjoy daylight and privacy in equal measure. The individually adjustable slat angles enable you both to control the incidence of sunlight how you want to and to protect against prying eyes. Find the exact external venetian blind that matches the individual architectural requirements of your facade here. We can also easily accommodate special shapes.

Receive quality assured products from Europe's leading, full-range provider of sun shading systems.

We have been developing and producing WAREMA technical sun shading products since 1955.

We offer a comprehensive service package to make sure that you are satisfied before and long after the purchase.

Find relevant documents and tools and learn more about our repair and support services.