MSE Comfort 2 AP/REG
Smart solutions for your WAREMA products


  • Motor control unit (MSE) for control of up to two 230 V AC sun shading drives
  • Direct control of up to two 230 V sun shading drives via a sun shading control system and a local push button
  • Multiple motor control units can be combined into a group and controlled jointly from one push button
  • The local group can be built simply by diverting the relevant encoding switch
  • Push button logic behaviour: time mode with tilt control
  • In time mode, the MSE enters lock mode after the push button is pressed for approx. 2 seconds. Operating the push button for a shorter duration generates a tilting impulse
  • Slats are automatically tilted up immediately after lower limit position is reached (motor limit position recognised by current monitoring)
  • Tilt angle of the slats can be adjusted via the encoding switch
  • Control program for WAREMA external venetian blinds with work setting (snap-action switch and pulse tilting)
  • An integrated power supply unit supplies the 24 V DC control voltage for controlling the MSE via the button or the sun shading control system

Product & accessories

ProductArticle number
MSE Comfort 2, AP1002751
MSE Comfort 2, REG1002678
AccessoriesArticle number
Strain relief kit for surface-mounted housing1002236

Technical data

Operating voltage230 V AC
Control voltage24 V DC
Output2 × 230 V AC, 500 VA
Logic behaviourTime mode with tilting
Degree of protectionIP 30 (AP)
Safety classII
InstallationSurface-mounted (AP)
Rail-mounted (REG)
Dimensions106 x 180 x 60 mm (AP)
6 MW (REG)


Documents & Downloads

Description Valid from Forwarding
MSE Wendeautomatik 2 AP / REG 07.2017 Send document linkSend document link
Technik Steuerungssysteme 04.2019 Send document linkSend document link

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