WAREMA climatronic®

More comfort

Enjoy a perfect feel-good climate at all times - sun shading and light are controlled automatically according to the time of day, the weather conditions and the position of the sun.

Greater flexibility

With 64 channels and up to 1,200 products, sun shading, light and ventilation can be controlled according to your requirements in large commercial buildings as well as in demanding residential buildings.

More safety

Wind monitoring prevents storm damage, and thanks to sophisticated presence simulation, your home appears to be occupied even when you're on holiday.

Greater joy to use

Comfortable and intuitive operation via central control unit, smartphone or tablet.


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WAREMA climatronic® components


WAREMA climatronic® control panel 3.0

For a perfect indoor climate with a modern design


WAREMA climatronic® WebControl

Operation using smartphone and tablet

Climatronic weather station from WAREMA

WAREMA climatronic® weather station

Automatic control based on environmental influences


WAREMA climatronic® sensor

Measurement of temperature and humidity


WAREMA climatronic® switch actuator

Control of sun shading and lighting


WAREMA climatronic® dim actuator

Switching and dimming of lighting and ventilation


WAREMA climatronic® HUB 4

Easy extension of bus line


WAREMA climatronic® Sensor/Tableau Interface

Integration of conventional sensors and push buttons

WAREMA climatronic® converter WMS UP

WAREMA climatronic® converter WMS UP

Radio extension for residential and commercial buildings

EWFS instructions

WAREMA climatronic® instructions

Operating and installation instructions


WAREMA climatronic® software

To commissioning and configuration

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