climatronic® central weather unit
Smart solutions for a perfect room climate

Weather station features

  • Central weather unit for KNX bus systems for operating and parameterising the comfort and safety functions without ETS
  • The WAREMA climatronic® KNX system can also be operated with WAREMA climatronic® WebControl
  • Transmission of information from up to 3 WAREMA climatronic® weather stations to the KNX bus
    • 12x brightness
    • 12x wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Global radiation
    • Precipitation
    • Outside temperature
    • Time, date
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Slat tracking for external venetian blinds based on the sun's position
  • Multilingual user interface (English, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Storing of project data on SD card
  • Transmission of commands for each channel (16 channels per KNX Gateway)
    • Blind length
    • Slat angle
    • Up/Down
    • Safety telegram for wind/ice/rain
    • Position release
    • Comfort function
    • Dimming commands
    • Switch on/off
    • Absence/leave/control mode status
    • Scenes
  • 64 channels available
  • Receipt of telegrams for
    • Control mode on/off
    • Absence, leave
    • BCS
  • WAREMA climatronic® weather station required for processing of
    • Brightness
    • Dawn/dusk
    • Wind speeds
    • Wind direction
    • Precipitation
    • DCF77 (radio clock)
    • Temperature outside
  • Conventional sensor can be connected via Sensor Interface

Product & accessories

ProductArticle number
WAREMA climatronic® 3.0 KNX central weather unit, black
WAREMA climatronic® 3.0 KNX central weather unit, silver
WAREMA climatronic® 3.0 KNX central weather unit, black/silver
AccessoriesArticle number
KNX Gateway, REG1002922
WAREMA climatronic® control panel 3.0, black
WAREMA climatronic® control panel 3.0, silver
WAREMA climatronic® control panel 3.0, black/silver
WAREMA climatronic® weather station
WAREMA climatronic® Sensor Interface, AP
WAREMA climatronic® Sensor Interface REG
Switching power supply 24 V DC / 2.5 A, AP1002648
Switching power supply 24 V DC / 2.5 A, REG1002647

Technical data

Technical data for KNX Gateway
Operating voltage24 V DC
Degree of protectionIP 30
Safety classIII
Type of installationDIN rail-mounted (REG)
Dimensions3 MW
KNX interface
TransformerTP 1
Connection typePlug-in terminals


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