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  • Actuator for central and local operation of up to four independently operated 24 V DC sun shading drives with incremental encoder
  • Particularly suitable for double-glazed venetian blinds and venetian blinds in insulating glass
  • Connection options
    • 4 sun shading drives 24 V DC with incremental encoder
    • 4 conventional sunblind push buttons
    • 4 binary contacts
  • Drives are controlled by a pole changer switching and a parameterisable pulse width modulation
  • Integrated line protection (miniature fuses)
  • Functionality for each individual drive (excerpt):
    • Annual shading to accommodate shadows cast by surrounding buildings and other similar factors
    • Slat tracking for slat product angle adjustment that follows the position of the sun
    • Cut-Off limit – To prevent overheating, manual operation can be limited to the range between "Cut-Off" (from slat tracking) and "Closed" in the case of cooling support
    • Time switch for move commands and automatic controls
    • Scenarios, e.g. for simple recall of complex room situations
    • Manual operation
    • Central control
    • Slow tilt and smooth start-up
    • Speed regulation
    • Heating and cooling support that accounts for presence
    • Position feedback
    • Cause of movement
    • Parameterisable functionality with Control Edit
    • Move cycle
    • Undercurrent detection for identifying the motor limit position
    • Calculation of the length of the sun shading product
    • Calculation of the current position of the sun shading product
  • Surface-mounted housing model for economical distributed installation, incl. strain relief

Product & accessories

ProductArticle number
AccessoriesArticle number
Strain relief kit for AP housing1002236
Manual control panel MABE 12

Technical data

Operating voltagetypically 24 V DC (SELV)
Degree of protectionIP 30
Safety classIII
Voltagemax. 26.4 V DC (SELV)
Motor current25 mA with 20 % PWM
900 mA with 100 % PWM
local voltage, activemin. 8 V DC
typ. 24 V DC
max. 36 V DC
local voltage, inactivemin. –0.5 V DC
typ. 0 V DC
max. 3 V DC
LON interface
Connection typePlug terminal
Type of installationSurface-mounted (AP)
DIN rail-mounted (REG)
Dimensions210 x 180 x 60 mm (AP)
12 MW (REG)


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