KNX Sun shading actuator 24 V DC
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  • KNX sun shading actuator for switching 24 V drives with pole changer switching (with binary inputs in the surface-mounted model)
  • 4 output channels (pole changer switching), individually parameterised and controlled
  • Preselection of output for internal/external venetian blind, roller shutter/textile sun shading system or window awning with ZIP guidance with preset basic parameters
  • Reversion of rotation programmable via ETS
  • Minimum pause between switch processes of all relays of actuator can be activated
  • Shared 24 V connection
  • Reversible miniature fuse for line protection
  • Voltage input terminal as screw terminals, all other terminals: spring terminals
  • 3 global safety objects of different priorities with cyclical monitoring, one more safety object per output
  • Allocation and adjustable reaction to safety objects during or after alarm
  • Activation or deactivation of the automatic inputs (e.g. sun control, slat tracking) with parameterisable automatic return function
  • Control mode – Connection: separation from manual and automatic input at certain curtain heights and slat positions (byte objects)
  • Option of limiting manual operation with the automatic objects (cut-off, etc.)
  • 8 scene objects per output
  • Status of curtain height, slat angle, dwell time active and status of upper limit position
  • Crawling speed when motor starts up can be parameterised
  • in the surface-mounted model:
    • Emergency/manual operation via Bluetooth and smartphone app (can be deactivated)
    • Pressing the KNX programming button via Bluetooth and smartphone app
    • Bluetooth can be deactivated with ETS
    • Bluetooth code changeable
    • Standard (venetian blind) push buttons can be connected via 8 integrated binary inputs (freely available on bus)
  • In the DIN rail-mounted model:
    • Emergency/manual operation using push buttons with integrated LEDs

Product & accessories

ProductArticle number
AccessoriesArticle number
Strain relief kit for surface-mounted housing1002236

Technical data

Operating voltage24 V DC
Degree of protectionIP 30 (AP)
IP 30 (REG)
Safety classI
Type of installationSurface-mounted (AP)
Rail-mounted (REG)
Dimensions106 x 180 x 60 mm (AP)
4 MW (REG)
Switching capacity per drive72 W
Inputs (in the surface-mounted model)
Max. length of connecting line200 m
KNX interface
TransformerTP 1
Connection typePlug-in terminals



Description Valid from Forwarding
Product database - KNX SA 2007311 Send document link

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